Ravensthorpe man admits three rape charges against 15-year-old schoolgirl



A RAVENSTHORPE rapist who pleaded guilty to a series of attacks on a 15-year-old schoolgirl part-way through his trial will be sentenced later this year, court officials confirmed today.

Mohammed Ali Rehman, 26, had been on trial at Leeds Crown Court along with a number of other men who were charged with various sex offences.

A jury heard how Rehman’s victim, who is now 17, was taken to three different houses in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, where she was raped and sexually assaulted during the course of one evening in May 2010.

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3 Replies to “Ravensthorpe man admits three rape charges against 15-year-old schoolgirl”

  1. Politicians don’t care. It’s not their daughters and sisters getting raped.

    Even without the Saudi oil bucks, they’ll probably remain as spineless as always.

  2. True, the politicians in Britain are too isolated from the voters, this makes them unresponsive to the plight of the voters.

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