Ezra Levant on earth hour

Personally I think the way to beat these anti-civilization commies is to change nothing for earth hour. Ignore it. If you actually turn stuff on for that hour you are still letting them effect you in a way which is no different than actually turning the lights out and obeying these morons and hypocrites. But I understand Ezra’s point.

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  1. When I see the broad with the SUV breathing down my tailpipe, no matter how expensive the $1.35 gas, nor how aggressively I might floor it to get some distance ahead from her tailgating, in a typical mad rush to just get to the next light, THEN maybe I might start to believe that there is some awareness out there.

  2. We need to use more not less. To use less means that we have to sell our surplus at a loss. Come on folks, lets help the cause and use more. March 31st is a good date to show our support. Flick ’em on, turn ’em on and let’s party.

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