Women’s match called off over headscarves

It needs to be stressed here, that the little intellectual, ‘slight-of-hand’ used by Muslims and the far left is simply that. An intellectual trick. Not allowing Muslims to wear  headscarf in a sporting match is not discriminating against Muslims anymore than not allowing them to wear a Colt 45 pistol is discriminating against Texans. Not letting them play because they believe that allah is more than just Mohamed’s imaginary friend, that would be religious discrimination.

But at no point or time was rational laws to prevent that kind of discrimination meant to mean the rest of the world must change all its standards for whatever arbitrary rules a given religious group may have.

From The Local France:


Photo credit: Glenn R Carter

Published: 19 Mar 2012 08:15 GMT+1

 A referee on Sunday refused to officiate a women’s football match, when players for one of the teams took to the pitch wearing Muslim headscarves, the club involved said.

The official sent a report to the Languedoc-Roussillon league in the south of the country about the incident involving players from Petit-Bard Montpellier, who had been due to play Narbonne in the regional promotion tie.

The league must now decide whether to order the match to be replayed or to award a win to Narbonne.

The two teams played a friendly match instead, with Narbonne winning 7-6.

Football’s world governing body FIFA banned players from wearing the Islamic headscarf in 2007, claiming it is unsafe.

But football federations and even the United Nations have urged FIFA to lift the ban, maintaining that concerns about safety are baseless and that it discriminates against Muslim players, particularly when no such restrictions apply in other sports.

Iran’s women’s team last year forfeited a 2012 Olympic qualifier because players wouldn’t play without wearing hijabs.

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