Tibetans rise up, China threatens war

From People of Shambhala.
At first, consumed by fire, the unmoving, tall black object looks like an effigy stood perfectly upright on a street that could be one in virtually any town in the world. People are screaming, but it’s unclear whether it’s in excitement or horror.

Not until the thing aflame begins to crumple and collapse does it reveal itself to be a human being. Only then do arms and legs, and the head, become visible, along with its essential humanness.

What we have been watching, it turns out, is a video of the self-immolation of Tibetan Buddhist monk Palden Choetso, 35. Choetso self-immolated in an act of protest against China’s continuing occupation of Tibet late last year, but the video has only just surfaced outside of the occupied Buddhist nation.

One wonders what it must take to stand in perfect stillness during the most terrible and painful of deaths. It is testimony to the courage and spirit of Choetso, and to the spirit of the Tibetans and the horrors that have been visited upon them people by the Chinese occupiers.

After the invasion of Tibet, Tibetan nuns — and some lay women — were systematically raped, some with electric cattle rods. Some had their breasts cut off.

But the aim of China was never torture and humiliation of its own sake. It was ethnic cleansing: to eradicate Tibetan culture, and destroy… read more.

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  1. Have you ever wondered, what those monks and nuns rly want? Theocracy. Period. Heck, they even got their own special Armageddon, with hordes of Pokémon/Power Rangers (sort of) coming outta the highlands of Tibet, conquering the world. Oh, and what about that abusing of women “for spiritual purposes”? Look it up, it’s out there.

  2. Sometimes evil isn’t doing evil, it’s our response when we see others suffering. And those who make excuses for ethnic cleansing and the raping of women, and of a people, are truly evil.

    Take a look around, how many Tibetan Buddhist supremacists have you seen lately? Myths are precisely that. No Tibetans are planning to take over the world through violence. The myth you referred to was created during a time when Tibetan Buddhists were being violently ethnically cleansed from Afghanistan. It was a myth of salvation from violence.

  3. Protests like this only work when the government being protested cares about human life, the Chinese government doesn’t and will not leave Tibet.

  4. I am totally against self-immolation.
    If Buddhism is a peaceful religion and if Buddism is supposed to be great for the mind and soul and if Buddhism is the kind of ideology that removes one from the daily chores and ills of the world, then why would it matter to these monks who has control of Tibet. Just do your chanting, wear your saffron robes and shut up.
    Buddhist monks have been getting increasingly violent. We cannot condone their behaviour because doing so would make us hypocrites. If we are against suicide bombers then we should be against these people who are committing suicide in public, for now, but who knows, they might even graduate to killing others.
    A bad deed is a bad deed … no two ways about it.

  5. Your kind response is just as expected, People of Shambhala. See, don’t want to promote or excuse communist China’s actions in the past and today, heaven forbid. Just pointing out what I wrote above, which everybody can google or read in forums/books/etc, it’s out in the open.

  6. The land of Tibet is taking revenge on the Chinese who move to work there. A Chinese doctor working in the U.S. told me anyone from China who lives there for more than 6 months suffers from irreversible pulmonary edema since their lungs can’t adapt to the high altitude. The Tibetans have lived at that altitude all of their lives and suffer no consequences and they do just fine when they move to a lower altitude.

  7. Regarding hypocrisy, there is a difference between killing oneself and killing others. No one would be complaining if suicide bombers only blew themselves up and didn’t kill or hurt anyone else or damage any property. No one would be concerned about the spread of Islam if its adherents all believed that Jihad meant struggling to be nicer.

    Buddhist monks aren’t going to become violent, even to get rid of the brutal, occupying force that has systematically raped and tortured them (although I assume virtually everyone reading and commenting would condone the use of violence if they were the ones being occupied by China).

    Regarding myths, most religions have unfortunate myths. Christianity has an armageddon myth, in which non-Christians don’t exactly come off well (hint: they don’t go to Heaven), but I’m not afraid that the Church of England is plotting worldwide destruction or that Evangelicals are about to go on a suicide bombing campaign. Likewise, Tibetan Buddhism interprets its myths as metaphor or spiritual allegory. There are no plans to storm the world with Buddhist armies or suicide bombers and impose a sexist Theocracy. Again, the myth of a war between Buddhists and an aggressive enemy was concocted during the period in which the Buddhists were being mercilessly attacked. It was a myth of hope that the violent persecutions (which lasted three centuries) would one day end and that there would be peace.

  8. “There are no plans to storm the world with Buddhist armies or suicide bombers” Correct. As I said, some sort of Pokémon/Power Rangers on acid (for the reader’s imagination) are going to do that job for you, as I read. Not so metaphorically, but in practice (if u believe in it, I personally just love that very weird notion).

  9. Morticiaa, what exactly do you think is “nonsense”? Do you find it so hard to believe that China is occupying Tibet? Or that some Tibetans are self-immolating in protest at that occupation?

    Regarding verification, you can click “read more” and follow the links on that page to find the sources.

    I have to say, these comments have been revelatory. All condemnation of the victims, and not a word about the aggressor. True, no one has actually applauded the Chinese forces, but the man who comments that the rape victim was wearing a short skirt also does not publicly condone the rapist. Nevertheless, we can get the measure of such a person by his response, and what he chooses to focus his attention on.

    It seems to me that the people here may not be in favor of freedom, after all, but merely in favor of the totalitarianism that best suits them.

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