Iranian regime attacks alleged Freemasonry, Christian and Jewish symbols in Tehran, begins destruction

From People of Shambhala.
“There are some freemasonry and Christian symbols installed on personal buildings around the city,” says Tehran’s mayor, “We should control these symbols and ban their display.”

The term “Freemasonry” is rarely used to designate the historical fraternity, founded in the 18th century by Islamic radicals. Usually it is used to refer to the West, America, liberal values, women’s rights. It is also applied to Christianity, although much less commonly.

Fundamentalists and extremists, including in Christianity, tend to be frightened by symbols, and, moreover, they tend to see symbols everywhere, in all kinds of shapes.

The architectural design of Tehran’s Enghelab Square was recently attacked by Islamic fundamentalists. “Some regime dependent figures claimed that the architecture of this square reminds people of freemasonry symbols and the Star of David,” reports Mohabat News, the Iranian Christian News Agency, this week. “After these comments were made, a group of Basij members wearing cerecloths (ceremonial burial cloth in Islam) attacked this square after they… read more.

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  1. This has nothing to do with being a “fundamentalist” or “extremist”, and I really don’t appreciate the attempt at equivocation to Christianity. The reference to “Freemasonry” being founded by Islamic Radicals in the 18th Century is totally bogus and wrong faced. Freemason lodges were first formed in England and Scotland around the 17th-18th Century possibly by Knights Templars who fleed persecution by Rome.

    What really happened in Iran was the typical totalitarian characteristic of trying to unite their population by giving them a percieved “enemy” they can readily attack. The Nazis did the same thing with the Jews in 1938 with their Kristallnacht, (Night of Broken Glass) against Jewish businesses as well as other pogroms. This is how you get people used to showing their public obeyance to their slave masters. Just an exercise in control. Symbols are objects which convey messages or represent ideas and the Iranian Regime only tolerates their own symbols and ideas. A typical trait of any totalitarian government is fearing and attacking all opposing symbols. Christians don’t ‘fear’ symbols but neither are we supposed to be ignorant of what they represent. Look up Geomantic Systems and do some studying on the matter. Neither is it the practice of Christians to go around acting on superstitions in order to destroy any geometric shape they feel threatened by. Hey People of Shambhala, why the Christian bashing? What’s up with that?

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