Dutch state-funded TV offers anti-Semitic game

Yeah but the important thing is, we have to ban Inferno by Dante

The J-Post:

03/14/2012 06:24

In downloadable game, players can use ‘Anne Frank card’ to colonize West Bank, ‘Jewish stinginess’ card to gain resources.

Settlers of the West Bank board gameBy Courtesy

THE HAGUE\BERLIN – A Dutch public broadcasting network last month offered its viewers a board game featuring Israeli settlers who use “Jewish stinginess” and “the Anne Frank card” to colonize the West Bank.

Organizations combating anti-Semitism have called on the Dutch government to persuade the network, VPRO, to halt the downloading of the board game.

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2 Replies to “Dutch state-funded TV offers anti-Semitic game”

  1. I’m all for free speech so there is no need to ban this game. How about a selection of other downloadable games to balance out this one? Here’s one example:

    1/ Muslim settlers: The aim of the game is to conquer as many civilised secular nations as possible. Gain extra points for preaching hatred in mosques, raping local women and molesting children. Use the ‘Mustard cry-baby’ card to complain about Islamophobia and thus gain more resources. Use the ‘Taqiyya’ card to tell blatant lies and make untrustworthy promises to the infidel. Beware of hazards such as losing points for accidentally eating pork or losing more points for failing to beat your wives.

    Sounds like a winner to me!

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