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2 Replies to “Michael Coren and Douglas Murray March 12 2012”

  1. First of all, the non-White population of France and, in fact, the whole of Northern and Western Europe has grown out of control due to that covert political agenda of successive governments since the end of WW11, serving the interests of a Zionist dominated New World Order, ie, population replacement by any and all means necessary. In other words, Genocide

    Secondly, it has been pointed out time and time again that it’s only White ancestral and White-founded homelands that have been earmarked for racial and cultural destruction over the past 200 years, WW11 having provided the best expedient opportunity for carrying out the said agenda.

    After WW11, holocaust awareness relating almost exclusively to Jews when it also involved genetically non-White ethnic groups as well, was catapulted to the top of education and media studies and remains there to this day, getting on for 70 years later.

    What has never been elevated to the top of education and media studies, is the holocausts involving ethnic Russians and the indigenous peoples of several other Baltic nations at the hands of the Bolsheviks, and that of the German victims of WW11’s Sudatenland incident.

    Thirdly, the criminals of the WW11 holocaust were systematically tracked down and rounded up over a period of 5 to 6 decades extending into their old age, and the same relentless program must be carried out against the Marxist Liberal orchestrators of the presently ongoing White European holocaust as soon as the current Marxist Liberal regime is defeated.

    Nothing less is acceptable to the indigenous peoples of Europe.

  2. Wow it’s true. A half truth is the damnedest of lies.

    1. yes I agree that in some and possibly many cases, there was a leftist plan for population replacement and the utter destruction of classical civilization in Europe. I doubt it was a Zionist one however, as the people they are bringing in are the most antisemitic of all people on earth. Far more than you for instance. Your antisemitism is reasoned if ill informed.

    The British government has actually admitted that they had a plan to ‘destroy traditional conservative England’ by “rubbing their noses in multiculturalism”. However these people, these leftist governments who orchestrated this plot of a degree of monstrosity that defies adjectives, could hardly be said to be Zionist in any way, shape, or form.

    Having said all that, I have no doubt whatsoever that some Jewish groups were onside with these plans as many Jews are notoriously leftist. Just as many Jews are notoriously conservative, capitalist, communist, and right wing. Jews are an old group and most don’t really share an ideology as much as a taste for Chinese food perhaps.

    I do agree that the people who orchestrated this monstrous plot must be hunted down and brought to justice just as the Nazis were, Jewish, Zionist or just garden-variety commie as is more the case in Europe. And yes, there should be no statute of limitations.

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