Mom charged in disabled daughter’s 2011 death

Now this should be interesting. Remember Robert Latimer? He was jailed for a really long time for euthanizing his daughter after many years of really intense, expensive care of a daughter in a vegetative state. He euthanized her at the point where state care was cruel and the attention required by this disabled daughter meant none of the rest of his family would have any resources at all for school or time or attention by the parents.

Robert Latimer was honest with the police. With the courts. With the Judge and he went to jail for a really long time. It will be interesting indeed to see how the courts treat this Islamic equivalent who fabricated a ‘home invasion’ to cover for her murder of her disabled daughter.

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From The Toronto Sun:


                                                                         By ,Toronto Sun

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Cynara Ali was reported dead after a home invasion in Feb. 2011. Toronto Police have now charge her mother with manslaughter. (Toronto Sun files)

The 41-year-old woman initially told Toronto Police she was home alone with her daughter when she answered a knock on the door just before noon on Feb. 19, 2011 and two masked men burst into the townhouse at 150 Burrows Hall Ct.

A man led the woman from room to room in search of an unspecified package while the other stayed with her daughter, she told police.

The woman claimed by the time the bandits left her daughter had stopped breathing.

“That was what was reported to investigators at the time,” Const. Tony Vella said Friday. “But we don’t believe that is what occurred.”

The teen, who has only been described as having “severe” mental and physical disabilities, was rushed to hospital in life-threatening condition.

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