MEMRI Translates the Libya grave yard video

I’m glad someone was able to translate parts of this. There is one sentence that is not translated where it sounds like he is saying something about the ‘Kuffar’ (Hated unbelievers)

On the flip-side, it appears that the architects of this graveyard were able to make the big cross at the front Mustard-proof


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2 Replies to “MEMRI Translates the Libya grave yard video”

  1. One can no more beat a pig for rolling in mud, nor beat a dog for barking than one can condemn this human garbage for doing what it is doing……

    But what it it doing, the obvious, is little compared to what the real effect of their actions.

    In destroying , vandalizing, desecrating a graveyard they are, thankfully, pushing Europe and North America one step closer to the complete riddance of all things islamic and muslim.

    There are those who say Europe is on the brink of civil war…..I agree with those…

    Wither North America?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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