Israel, Iran, the USA.

Here is ‘Bibi’s speech in DC today:

Here is the reported response to it from the Obama Admin:


Obama: There’ll be a price to pay for premature Iran strike

03/06/2012 23:22

There will be consequences for both US and Israel for such a move, the US president says, warns against “casualness” of talk by American politicians “beating the drums of war.”

US President Barack Obama at press conferenceBy REUTERS/Larry Downing

WASHINGTON – US President Barack Obama warned Tuesday that there would be consequences for the United States as well as Israel if a premature strike is launched on Iran.

“This is not just an issue of Israeli interests. This is an issue of American interests,” he said at a last-minute press conference. “It’s also not just an issue of consequences for Israel if action is taken prematurely. There are consequences for the United States as well.”

He warned against the “casualness” of talk of possible military action and American politicians’ “beating the drums of war,” saying those who speak so loosely should consider the consequences of their words.

Three of the four Republican candidates appeared at AIPAC Tuesday and criticized Obama for not acting aggressively enough to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capability.

“There is a cost,” Obama said, recalling visits to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and condolence letters he sends to families.

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11 Replies to “Israel, Iran, the USA.”

  1. I don’t care what anyone says,this man is a fifth column muslim infiltrator.His aim is to buy time for the Iranians to make there bomb,with which they will immediately use to annihilate Israel.I only hope to god i am proved to be some sort of deluded nut case,at least that i could live….Oh and by the way that goes for any of the other treacherous filthy bastards that have led us along this merry path,Sarkozy,Cameron,Merkel,Blair,Brown…the list goes on.

  2. @When*Pigs*Fly
    Sorry for not getting my point over more clearly my grammar is absolutely atrocious (apologies),but yes i did mean Obama,and the rest of the so called western leader,treacherous gang.

  3. Ooops’I’m so sorry guys,i didn’t realise the obama response was from the Bibi speach,video.Allthough my view still stands,sorry.

  4. That they are absorbing sanctions rather than stop their program is damning evidence that they are producing nuclear weapons.

    If they don’t intend to bring about armageddon or attack Israel then they will use those nukes to extort money out of everyone.

    This is the contemporary equivalent of the Barbary Pirates. Instead of pirates, Iran is using nuclear scientists, and instead of ships they are using ballistic missles. But the goal is the same – extorting tribute and booty.

    Well we all know what happened to the Barbary pirates, don’t we.


  5. @PD111,
    Yeah i follow Ann Barnhardt’s blog all the time,she’s amazing.I just wish she would ease up on the evangelism stuff though,lol.

  6. Another fantastic speech from a fantastic statesman who happens to be the Prime Minister of ‘The State of Israel.’
    It’s just a real shame that the western so called world doesn’t heed his warning concerning the danger of a ‘Nuclear Armed Iran’
    Iran should be given a lesson that will take them generations to get over.

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