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2 Replies to “Breitbart exposes the new American left, occupy, and their plans for America”

  1. Joseph McCarthy is the patron saint of communists. Here’s a panel of full-strength Marxists actually hatching an evil communist plot against the Democratic West, and nobody can say a thing or Sean Penn will say “McCarthyism!”. That little bomb just keeps working and working and working. The Senator wound up giving the communists a permanent get-out-of-jail-free card. How can reason prevail when the left are in control of the media and the education system and the bureaucracy?

    As for that panel above… What a bunch of over-educated pricks trying to find sneaky ways of making our society grind to a halt, whether we want them to or not. Where the hell do they think they get the moral authority to do that? That’s a prime example of the adage, “The devil finds work for idle hands”. That whole panel should be on a work farm up High River way… lots of fresh air and exercise, honest labor and cold, cold winters. Ahhh…

  2. Re: McCarthy – it may not be in the public conciousness but revelations that were learned from KGB archives and other sources after glasnost and the fall of the USSR showed that McCarthy was 100 percent right.

    Everyone focuses on the blacklisting but they also seem to ignore the one central fact of those hearings. PEOPLE NAMED NAMES! That means THERE WERE NAMES TO NAME! There WAS considerable Soviet directed influence campagns and Soviet directed subversion going on in America during the Cold war.

    Yuri Bezmenov, who’s shocking videos can be seen on youtube, said the KGB spent far more effort on subversion and influence campaigns than any sort of James Bond nonense. That is what highly placed Soviet Officials were referring to when they said America was dying a death of a thousand cuts.

    Britian did the same investigations at that time, though more quitely, and found people all thru their government who were taking their marching orders from Moscow.

    That doesn’t mean these people are taking orders from a foreign entity but their strategies and goals are nievely lifted from the old goals of the soviet backed and inspired radicals. Those radicals may not have known it at the time but according to post glasnost revelations from ex soviets and archival investigations, the American radicals job was not really to bring about a better world but to damage the economic and social life of the Soviet Unions enemies from within.

    I highly reccomend the Yuri Bezmenov youtube vids. The amount of detail he goes into (in all the vids together) establishes his credibility beyond doubt.

    PS LOVE LOVE LOVE the new verification system. For this comment mine was “drag the knife to the shower curtain” HAH!

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