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2 Replies to “Obama, Israel, the facts”

  1. Hopefully Obama will be kicked out of the White House. What he either fails to realise, or knows already but keeps this hidden, is that you can’t negotiate with the Muslims. They will never be true friends and cannot be trusted. Israel is a dependable ally and the only true friend in the Middle East.
    Obama is a fool. I seriously hope that he does not win a second term in office.

  2. Can anybody tell me why Israel should bother talking with the Palestinians at all. As far as I see it, they are liars and have no plans for peace but only plans to destroy Israel and the Jewish state.

    The say they want peace but only on their terms which is the destruction of Israel whether directly through war or indirectly by a population change in the state of Israel. This is not peace he wants but a plan for destruction of Israel either immediate or delayed he does not care.

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