Another Rape Gang in Brierfield

Is there anyway muslims in England could maybe try another hobby? Bridge maybe or cricket.

Casuals United:

Sixth Brierfield man accused of ‘sex grooming’ of girl (14)

Published on Thursday 2 February 2012 12:17 

A SIXTH man has been charged with child sex offences as part of an ongoing investigation into the sexual exploitation of a 14-year-old girl.

Mohammed Imran Amjad (25), of Halifax Road, Brierfield, was arrested on January 17th and charged with conspiracy to rape. He is due to appear at Burnley Magistrates’ Court on February 14th.

Amjad is the sixth man to be arrested and charged in connection with the investigation which is being carried out by detectives from the Freedom Team – a multi-agency unit to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation in Pennine Division.

Five other men are to appear at Burnley Crown Court on March 2nd.

Haroon Mahmood (21), of John Street, Brierfield; Mohammed Suleman Farooq (22), of Berry Street, Brierfield; Omar Mazafer (21), of Halifax Road, Brierfield; Mohammed Zeeshan Amjad (24), of Halifax Road, Brierfield and Shiraz Afzal (25), of Mansfield Crescent, Brierfield, are all charged with conspiracy to rape.

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2 Replies to “Another Rape Gang in Brierfield”

  1. Huge trial for the same thing going on in Liverpool at the moment. Media blackout, courtesy of the judge, apparently.

    From the Crown Court Archive ( – you have to register)

    23-02-2012 Liverpool Crown Court 3-1 S20111321

    T20117520 – Abdul Aziz
    T20117589 – Abdul Qayyum
    T20117543 – Abdul Rauf
    T20117542 – Adil Khan
    T20117540 – Ashley Deacon Gray
    T20117521 – Hamid Safi
    T20117522 – Kabeer Hassan
    T20117536 – Liaqat Hussain Shah
    T20117537 – Mohammad Amin
    T20117538 – Qamar Shahzad
    T20117539 – Shabir Ahmed

  2. I am sick to the back teeth of ‘our’ media being so p.c. as to not calling a spade a shovel!
    These are muslim gangs raping white girls (NOT muslim girls) to show their contempt for this country and our laws.

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