Second clip from the BBC idiotfest on extremism in Luton

The host is very good looking. I would recommend turning the sound off when she speaks though. Her analysis is, well, lets say no one hired her for it.

“We will never get anywhere unless we all communicate, we all speak together”

Wow! If only I had known! We could solve the problem of total Islamic intransigence, terror, supremacism just by speaking to one another. The host should be licking stamps somewhere for a charity. Her analysis is staggeringly vacuous and her knowledge of this subject is actually much worse than none. She is chockablock full of fake knowledge of Islam which is much worse than knowing nothing about it.

Thanks Sdamat

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12 Replies to “Second clip from the BBC idiotfest on extremism in Luton”

  1. You know, the more I watch this crap……..The more I want to bake my head in the oven at 450 degrees.

    Yeah, I saw her put on the garbage bag. I’m going to swallow some poison now!

    Kill me now.

  2. My dog (border collie) has a higher IQ than her. I saw the whole thing on I player BBC3. She believed everything the so-called “moderates” said, without question. I guess people would rather believe the “religion of peace” myth rather than the scarey facts.

  3. She thinks the Sharia is up for “negotiation”.That she can cut a “deal” with radical islam!
    She thinks she can compromise 1400 years of violent totalitarian religious genocide,slavery,female genital mutilation,homophobic mass murder and endless war.

  4. I agree she does seem as as dumb as a door nail. But personally I think she understood what was taking place but if she reported it as she seen it it wouldn’t be reported and she would lose her job.

    She was just smart enough to report what she could without losing her job.

  5. Typical; she no longer recognized the town where she grew up. She dare not express what she really feels about the matter. So she has to be polite at all times or else….. You see: she is not only in a no go zone area but also in a no win situation! Not only is she being pushed out and insulted but thanks to PC/MC politics she is also being denied an honest response to it. It is so sad, it’s awful!

  6. Pretty as she is ignorant, there is a brief video segment which sums her intelligence in a few seconds beginning at 13:24 where she states:

    “Luton is divided, but I think there is a way we can start. . .”

    [watch the visual of her cute yet ignorant noggin disappear behind the niqab as she continues]

    “to overcome this.”

    Clever, isn’t she? /sarc
    lan astaslem

  7. I don’t want to live in a society this crap is part of. Surely, you don’t expect the BBC to hire someone with a mindset like that to lead this conciliatory obscurantist mating dance.

  8. OxAO:

    I know someone who knows here and corroborates your opinion as the case. I am not as generous as you and he are however. I see it as selling out for a BBC gig. But we shall see. If this piece motivates the British to do something to fight back and that was her intent then she should get the Nobel prize. But at the moment it looks like another attempt at plausible deny-ability to get back the official narrative of “Islam is peace and its only a few anti-Islamic radicals” etc. Of course the BBC has to show some issues as at this stage, most Brits just have to look out their own windows to know they are screwed or say something about it on a subway and get arrested.

  9. Our superiors are so terrified of the truth. Remember what happened when Newt Gingrich slipped out a tiny bit of truth about the nature of the so-called “Palestinians”? My God, the sky is falling! This is truly remarkable. None of the people who are supposed to be informing us know anything. Just last night I heard them say on Global News that ocean levels were going to go up due to melting ice and expansion of the oceans. Now, anybody with even a rudimentary understanding of climate change knows that it takes approximately 800 years for the ocean temperatures to respond to changes in global temperature, and still, after all these years on global warming being front and centre, nobody sees this glaring error. It’s so frustrating. If somebody were to get one stat wrong on Roberto Luongo, the switchboards would light up, but on anything that matters, it’s like nobody cares. We are living in an age of profound stupidity.

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