Controls on import of food and toys offensive to Islam on FNC agenda

Is it possible that beyond the absurdity of Muslim-offensive-toy patrols, someone in the Islamic world is adding nicotine to children’s candy, presumably to make sales go through the roof? That looks like an interesting story.


From The National.Ae

ABU DHABI // Greater border controls are needed to prevent toys offensive to Islam from entering the country, according to an FNC member.

Dr Mohamed Musallam bin Ham (Abu Dhabi) is expecting the Minister of Economy, Sultan Al Mansouri, to respond to his concerns at the council’s session today. He is also questioning controls on food imports after 18 children fell ill in Umm Al Quwain after ingesting nicotine contained in what they believed were sweets.

Dr bin Ham believes there has been an increase recently in the amount of offensive toys being sold to children.

He said he had seen a number of toys that featured offensive writing and drawings. He gave the example of toy guns found being sold in Dibba last year which, when fired, voiced insults concerning the Prophet’s wife, Aisha.

Such toys, he warned, were harming the upbringing of the nation’s children.

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