How does it feel? REALLY BAD!

Well. It’s a good thing he didn’t make a bullet proof vest.

I think  his stuff actually made it worse.

My advice to police. At the next big leftist demo, don’t use pepper spray. Just show this video on a big screen. The laughter alone should paralyze them for at least 20 minutes and there is no bottle of ‘anti-toxin.’

H/T Tundra Tabloids. I laughed so hard it gave me angina. I mean what do you have to do, fill the pool with this stuff?

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3 Replies to “How does it feel? REALLY BAD!”

  1. I think perhaps the “spray” is part of the problem? or is it the fact that he voluntarily rubbed pepper spray all over his face? Anyhow a special moment captured on film..

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