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5 Replies to “Reporter threatened outside mosque in Toronto”

  1. Who is responsible for importing these varmints into the West? Politicians – kill them all!!!

    Yet despite all the hate and murder done by these filthy muslims all over the west and how much money they cost us being here, why is their so much hate for Jews and Israel all over youtube and so many precious metals forums?

    White people need more islam. Sad, but true.

    A lot more white people have to be killed and maimed until this is over.

    In the end, those posting all of those blame Israel for 9/11, will be found and hung in the streets for taking so much muslim money and diverting the attention of so many angry and confused people.

    their names must be outed

  2. If mosques like this one require foreign funding from Saudi Arabia because local members don’t have the funds to support it . . .shut it down – permanently. With a history of criminal/terror related activity coming out of these institutions, this mosque and others like it should be identified as organized foreign crime syndicates and treated as such – confiscating any property/assets to liquidate to cover the costs of prosecution and national security concerns.

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