Muslim convicted of racially motivated assault required to do community service and pay a small fine

Once again, the EDL mantra that England has 2 laws, one for the indigenous British people and one for Muslims is clearly more than correct. Hell a woman who said a few rude things about foreigners in the UK was held without bail in jail over Christmas even though she had a young child and a Muslim man convicted of spraying bleach at people while hurling (presumably anti-white) epithets gets off with community service after his conviction?

People of England, what does it take to demand the actual rule of law be restored equally for all?

From The Examiner:

Huddersfield man Mohammed Khan in court for spraying bleach at 13-year-old girl

A GIRL was sprayed with what she thought was water when a van drove past.

But a court heard the liquid sprayed on the 13-year-old in Penistone Road, Huddersfield, was actually bleach.

Bradford Crown Court heard the girl’s cardigan was damaged by the liquid but she was unhurt.

Another pedestrian was also sprayed with bleach by Mohammed Khan, a passenger in the van.

The court heard Khan, 26, of Springbank Crescent, Huddersfield, said that he thought it was a joke.

Khan admitted common assault and also racially-aggravated assault, after the court was told he hurled racist abuse at one of the pedestrians.

He was ordered to do 180 hours unpaid work, to pay £600 costs and to pay £150 compensation to each of the pedestrians.

Here is an unrelated story from 2011 but shows another grotesque example of British selective enforcement. Try to imagine that a white British person punched a 92 year old Black person or Muslim out for no reason on a bus and imagine the news and jail time.

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  1. By not punishing the criminals the left is encouraging them to continue their attacks, attacks that the left doesn’t consider a crime.

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