Female genital mutilation rife in Egypt despite ban

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“Of course she must be circumcised,” said Olla, referring to the timid 11-year-old girl sitting beside her.

I asked Olla if I could find out from the child herself, her daughter Raaja, who sat shaking with fear, what she thought.

“There is no need to ask her,” her mother declared. “She doesn’t understand what we are talking about.”

I thought that unlikely. We were sitting in the family room of a two-storey house in a village in Upper Egypt. Besides Olla and her daughter, Raaja, present were her mother-in-law, who nodded approvingly at everything she said, and three young teenage girl cousins.

What else would the girls talk about when they were alone but that single event that can traumatise them for life – the dread of the inevitable, the incomprehension as they are held down by mothers, aunts and grandmothers, the indescribable pain as the midwife takes a blade to the clitoris.

Muslims and Christians

Astonishingly, in 21st Century Egypt, the latest figures suggest that more than 90% of the women have been subject to female genital mutilation (FGM). The figure comes from a Unicef approved survey carried out in 2008, the year that the practice was banned.

A new set of figures are due to be published later this year and doctors expect them to show a 10% decline. That still leaves the majority of women in Egypt exposed to unimaginable physical and psychological pain and denied what the rest of us would call a normal sex life.

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4 Replies to “Female genital mutilation rife in Egypt despite ban”

  1. A sick practice by a sick people, how much longer will the MSM and the left continue to support the religion and nations that practice this barbarity?

  2. How dare you Stephen Harper give one cent of Canadian Tax dollars to a hideous country that allows so many women to be mutilated…. at least in China they kill corporate theives like Madoff or Islamic crackpots, or the other cracked so called religous incideous insects who practice flalongong which is just basically black magic, but the cognitive /bio.feedback from falongong creates cultists that can no longer think constructively or critically, soooooooo
    Thank you for doing business with the Chinese, but cut all funding to these hideous third world countries that cut up women and commit other crimes against humanity

  3. A new set of figures are due to be published later this year and doctors expect them to show a 10% decline.

    The only way the new figures will show a 10% decline is if they are lie’s.Same as the true figure of the whole population of women only being 90%,How would the other 10% have an excuse for not also being subjected to the same mutilation as the rest,unless they are including the non muslim people of the country aswell?

  4. Hey perhaps the Chinese are right. In actual fact it may be far more merciful for women in Egypt if the Yanks just nuked the place…

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