Senate hearings on Iran, a study in contrasts.

Here is a clip of Dr. Aural Braun who spoke yesterday, February 15th at a Sentate committee hearing on policy towards Iran at this time.

This was the best of the speakers I am reliably informed however you can see the entire thing here. All told, it is about 90 minutes.

What is concerning is that the first speaker, Dr. Hassan-Yari, who lectures at a major Canadian Military academy, Royal Military College of Canada, and was using sophomoric moral equivalence. The kind that no student should be allowed to graduate grade 9 from, without being able to see through and defeat.

He actually said that Iran calls the US “The Great Satan” and the US calls Iran, “Axis of Evil” with the intention of attempting to create the impression of moral equivalence.

This is at the very best the kind of intellectual laziness that should cause terror in that it is the voice that trains future military leaders but is more likely an excellent example of the kind of infiltration and political correctness former CIA trainer Clare Lopez has spoken about numerous times in terms of US military teachers and intelligence trainers, most notably at the CIA itself.

Below, the entire speech of Aural Braun who was quite good:

And here, an excerpt from the Royal Military Academy’s best and brightest:

Here is an interview with Clare Lopez and David Harris in four parts:

Part 1 Part II Part III Part IV 


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