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2 Replies to “Netanyahu’s statement on the terrorist attack today, and accusation of Iranian involvement”

  1. Hmmm, with all the rhetoric leading up to an unprovoked attack on Iran, I ‘m certainly sceptical about all this chest beating. Could Israel be doing the US’s bidding, do you suppose.
    They should provide proof, before they start flinging anymore bombs around/
    Where was all this war talk when the Iranian people rose up and contested their election results?
    Notice a paucity of fighter bombers then.

  2. blindguard, unprovoked? They are attacking the US everywhere they can and killing our soldiers, those are acts of war. Acts of War that Obama will not address, he won’t attack Iran no matter what they do.

    As for Israel doing our bidding and attacking for us, most of our “National Security” advisers are saying we need to use military force to stop Israel; from responding to the Iranian threat.

    In the 1920s Hitler wrote a book saying exactly what he was going to do, the peace at any cost crowd keep saying he was just running his mouth and wouldn’t do them, well he did what he said he was going to. Now Ahmadinejad is saying he is going to destroy the US and Israel and once again people are saying that he is just running his mouth, this time with the Iranian quest to acquire nuclear weapons we can’t ignore them, not and have any type of safety. Israel is in more danger then the US, there are only 7.5 million Israelis, the nation is smaller then the state of Rhode Island, two decent sized nuclear warheads with casing designed to create long lasting fall out could make most of Israel uninhabitable.

    You are being very cavalier with the lives of 7.5 million Israelis.

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