Ali Dizaei: Met Police commander jailed for corruption

I have an idea. Let’s import millions of people from vastly different cultures, many of whom wish to destroy us and the bulk of which hold is in varying degrees of contempt, then give as many as we can high office.

I can’t see anything going wrong with that at all.


Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei arrives at Southwark Crown  on 6 February Met commander Ali Dizaei had denied the charges

Metropolitan Police commander Ali Dizaei has been jailed for three years for misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice.

He attacked Waad al-Baghdadi in Kensington in 2008 and then inflicted injuries on himself in order to frame him, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Dizaei, of Acton, told the court he felt threatened by Mr al-Baghdadi.

He was first convicted in 2010 and served 15 months in prison before his conviction was quashed on appeal.

‘Deplorable corruption’

BBC Home Affairs correspondent Danny Shaw said it was likely Dizaei would be released after three months due to the time he has already spent in jail.

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2 Replies to “Ali Dizaei: Met Police commander jailed for corruption”

  1. EITHER… Dr. Dizaei is the world’s most unlucky copper OR: He is a very very bent, corrupt copper. To be convicted once of perverting the course of justice could be considered unfortunate… to be convicted twice of the same offence… well – what does that say about him?

    Clearly, its evident that the Met and the CPS have gone all out to convict him and that they have had several goes at eviscerating him, with greater or lesser success. They have been gunning for him for years. Who else has had a reported £7 MILLION spent on them, to examine whether or not they were corrupt? Astonishing story, worthy of a film… Dizaei has been a major pain in the ass for the Met for many years, deservedly or not, which either makes him a champion for the minorities or a self-serving cynical individual. The apparent flaws in the character of the main prosecution witness were not to save Dizaei on this occasion, but what about an appeal?

    I do not believe we have heard the last of this…

  2. If you are going to appoint a Police Commander you should make sure the understand your culture, although I will admit the left is working to see that the culture of corruption is the common one in Western Politics.

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