Uzbek pleads guilty in plot to kill Barrack Obama

From the originating youtube site:

According to court evidence, defendant Ulugbek Kodirov believed he was acting on behalf of an Islamist militant group in his homeland and was plotting to shoot Obama while the president campaigned for re-election this year.

Kodirov 22, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Birmingham, Alabama, to three charges as part of an agreement that spares him from a potential life sentence.

He still faced up to 30 years in prison and $750,000 in fines for providing material support for terrorist activity, being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and threatening to assassinate the president.

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5 Replies to “Uzbek pleads guilty in plot to kill Barrack Obama”

  1. This is being reported on massively for the first time only now, 8 months later? I don’t know about this one. A muslim plotting to kill a fellow muslim who’s furthering their agenda?

  2. Whether Burrack Husein Obama Sowetoro is a Muslim or not, not all 80 trillion (or whatever it is at last count) Muslims will know about it. Some will still see him as the leader of ‘The Great Satan’ no matter what he believes in his heart of heart. I for one am burning with curiosity about the video Andrew Breitbart has of Sowetoro in college showing what Andrew says is, “The real Barack Obama”. I have a feeling that will make my whole week happy. Everyone will know what most of us here already do.

    In any case, the thing about jihad is, you know when you lost. But you cannot possibly ever know when you won. Cause when do you stop fighting and killing for jihad, especially when it is your one and only guarantee to the sky-brothel that is Mustard heaven? So there will always be attempts to kill the US president up to and even when the US is declared part and parcel of the new Caliphate. Why? Cause it won’t be Muslim enough or the Caliph will be corrupt or not a true enough believer. These people are Klingons. It is always about the honour of murdering someone.

  3. Notice the lawyer for Ulugbek Kodirov taking a deep breath before he said, “regrets…”
    It was difficult for the lawyer to say that word.

  4. It certainly is strange. This is the most muslim friendly and anti American Pres in history. He has been a great asset to the muzzies and has populated the governement with muzzies. Even Nasa is supposed to reach out to the muzzies in the same sort of servile way he does by going round the muzzie world and bowing to any muzzie ruler in a sheet he can find. So why would this stupid woman want to knock out President Hussain? My guess is stupidity. She is just plain stupid and her backers are stupid as well. In Uzbekistan Islam is strictly controlled and crushed with a ferocity that would make our posters jump for joy! Uzbekistan may hold the distinction along with Turkemenistan of being the most anti- muslim states on the Earth.

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