Maths ‘too hard for students and dons’: Universities drop subject from science courses

I hope all those guys open like, the most fabulous restaurants! Check your bill carefully though.

The Daily Mail:

By Laura Clark, Education Correspondent

Last updated at 7:48 AM on 10th February 2012

Universities are dropping maths from degree courses because students – and their lecturers –  cannot cope with it, a report warns today.

Decades of substandard maths education in schools has led to a ‘crisis’ in England’s number skills, threatening the future of the economy, it says.

Universities are being forced to dumb down degree courses requiring the use of maths, including sciences, economics, psychology and social sciences.

Maths crisis: Universities are being forced to dumb down degree courses which require the use of maths because students can't keep upMaths crisis: Universities are being forced to dumb down degree courses which require the use of maths because students can’t keep up

Students are unable to tackle complex problems and their lecturers struggle to teach them anyway, it is claimed.

The reputation of the country’s universities and graduates is now under threat, according to the report, ‘Solving the Maths Problem’, published by the education lobby group RSA.


After looking at maths education in other countries, the authors found that lessons and qualifications in English schools were ‘not fit for purpose’.

They say that classes fail to stretch the brightest while leaving weaker pupils ill-equipped to use maths for work and family budgeting, and warn of a growing knock-on effect on universities.

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11 Replies to “Maths ‘too hard for students and dons’: Universities drop subject from science courses”

  1. What an embarrassment. I’m not the strongest in mathematics but I still scraped by calc in college. If people can’t do the coursework they shouldn’t be admitted in the first place – don’t they do placement testing?

  2. Paul Weston not too long ago wrote an essay where he showed how destroying an educational system is part of what it takes for a whole civilization to be destroyed. While I’ve heard of such disturbing trends worldwide (though not a word about anything like this in, you guessed it, Japan, China or South Korea), I believe that in Western developed countries it could truly be something cooked up in order not to keep forever in first grade those taught at home (and at the mosque) that the Earth is flat, that the Sun actually orbits our planet, that sperm is produced between a man’s ribs and that being born with a penis in one hand and a copy of Mein Qurampf in the other is the ultimate proof of superiority vis-à-vis the other inhabitants of this planet.

    Even in Switzerland standards are way lower today than they used to be, and it truly shows when a contestant in something like the local American Idol or such another show doesn’t even know what the Matterhorn is, or where it’s located. If something so basic is highbrow knowledge to some people, what on Earth must maths be like to them.

  3. By the way, just as a reminder, using “being born with penis in one hand and a copy of the qu’ran in the other” was something that I first saw on one of Pat Condell’s videos.

  4. If this is true, then all of england is lost to us, we must keep them all out from other countries lest they drag us down with them. universities are suppose to give us leaders of business, inovation, politics. If you can’t even after uni balance a household budget, how the heck are you expected to balance a business plan, cost for design, or run a countries budget? leftocommies have finally got their wish, to bring down a western country big time, hope they are happy, one less country for you to steal ideas from.

  5. So what’s the point? Degrees are worth nothing now, are they? I thought that you achieved something by reaching the goal and not by the goal being re-sized and brought towards you. This is obviously a plot to dumb down future generations. Whoever is responsible for this is a traitor to progress, civilization and freedom!

  6. No nation has been lost yet, there is still time for us to fight back and reestablish our nations educational, legal and political systems to what they were before the left started attacking them. However the time when this fighting can be limited to peaceful methods is rapidly coming to a close, the next few years will tell us how we have to proceed.

  7. Richard:

    Exactly. We can’t write anyone off yet. Hell we haven’t really even begun to fight back yet. Our own governments have us manacled. But that too is OK for now. One needs to wait for a great deal of certainty before one takes the gloves off. That general certainty is taking shape. Things are bad by post-war standards in some European nations but not as bad as they were during WW1 or 2 in many cases and they came back and they came back stronger than ever. Perhaps Germany, England and France most of all.

    We need to keep on point. Sharpen the focus. Counterpoint leftists and Muslims and Muslim apologists. The time to fight back will come.

  8. I am not sure what you guys think is a solution, if even the lecturers can’t do math well enough to do a household budget, how on earth are the next generation going to be taught?

    We have to sack all the leftocommie math teachers and find people who actualy know how to do the math and more importantly how to teach the math. I wonder also how much damage unions have caused with this, seeing as they have made it almost impossible to sack an incomtiptent teacher, (in some countries that is, not sure if its like that in england).

    The next question is, if these students are not able to do the math, why are they in the course? you advance to the levels required by the course, you don’t downgrade the course to meet the lack of standards of the students.

  9. It’s even worse here in Sweden. Just a few weeks ago I saw a video with an excerpt from the swedish Who wants to be a millionaire. The young lady got asked in which century the 30 years war took place in. She got it right in the end but not before she had used al her lifelines. What was most depressing was that the audience didn’t have much of a clue either. A few months prior to that I read about how teenagers didn’t have a clue who Gustav Vasa was. He was the king who brought our country into the renaissance in the early 1500’s. Every other generation of swedes knows who he was, even hillbillies in the countryside. But then the government has deliberately removed history from the curiculum, probably to dumb down the population according to the NWO agenda.
    As late as just few days ago, they dropped the next bomb. This time it was about the swedish police academy. They have lowered the standards drastically from last year. I can’t remember everything but the most important thing was that they don’t even have to speak swedish anymore! I mean could you people imagine having cops NOT speaking english at all?

  10. The terror is that the majority of these students are coming from the middle class while wealthier parents can afford to send their children to private schools creating a two tier system. I know parents here in the U.S. who pulled their kids out of public schools to home school or they spend $6000 a semester for private schools. It’s sad. The teachers in public schools are usually nothing more than state employee hacks although there are usually a few at every school who stand out as excellent.

  11. Eeyore you are right, if we give up we can’t win, if we resist we can’t lose, at the beginning of every war people are saying the war can’t be won, yet we have fought on and won. In WWII it wasn’t obvious to most until after the war but Japan never went on the offensive after the Battle of Midway, if we had listened to the doomsayers and quit we would not have won.

    Yes the Western educational systems are in a shambles, but there are still a few hold outs that are still educating the students. The Southern Universities are still holding out and teaching.

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