Man in Australia tears up Korans and flushes them in a mosque

One thing is for sure. That mosque needs a new security camera. That is the blurriest video I have seen since Blair Witch. I think they could hire a guy to sit in the lobby and draw everyone who comes in and get a clearer picture. Makes me wonder why they did that. Could it be that the perp is a Hindu?

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  1. Well let’s wait and see how this fellow actually is. The fact that they made the man blurry suggests he is not a white Australian. My bet is he is a Hindu who has been bullied, harassed and threatened and possibly beaten by Muslims for years and has had enough. But lets wait and see.

    Islam should be banned. Then there will be no Mosques or Korans to attack.

  2. I should add that Korans are indeed nasty. I think all people should read them before they burn them so they know why they are burning them.

  3. I love how if a quran has one word taken out of it, it’s no longer the quran. So what’s that thing I’ve got on my shelf then? The Penguin Dawood isn’t a real quran? It’s in english and arabic, and I’m pretty sure it’s not all translated.

  4. Eeyore – you’re right, everybody should read it, specially sura 9:29 and others of the like, to get a picture of how “peaceful” the so-called “religion of peace” is. This pdf document is also a must:

    I humbly recommend it to anybody who wishes to get a taqiyya-free idea of Muhammad’s true nature.

  5. Are you kidding me? After all these years, it takes a brave soul flushing pages of Islam’s war manual to discover the title is spelled “k-u-r’ a-n”?
    And how appropriate that is indeed!
    “kur” = (in Sumerian mythology) the world of the dead.
    “halal” = (halál in Hungarian) death

  6. this is totally hilarious and a good laugh for Sunday morning…..
    I bet those insane psychos rant and rave and attempt to kill over this one
    I note it was a Bosnian mosque….wonder why they don’t all leave Australia and go back now, because only islamics left in Bosnia

  7. Morticiaa:

    I am still betting it was a Hindu. We should know soon as they won’t publish the name or picture if it is most likely. They will bet on the memory-hole. If it is a Skippy, they will splash it all over the papers.

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