Ismail Faruqi: Muslim Leader in Montreal (1958-1967) and Founder of the Main Muslim Brotherhood Research Institute in the West (1981)

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After various Muslim leaders held Jews responsible for the 1986 killing of Muslim Brotherhood leader Ismail Faruqi, a police investigation and a trial demonstrated that the murderer was an American Muslim who suspected Faruqi of having homosexual relationships with his Malaysian students at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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In July 1986, a Montreal Gazette reader wrote to the editor to complain that the assassination of Muslim leader Ismail Faruqi in Pennsylvania had been “deliberately left out” of the newspaper. He was particularly upset since Faruqi had been a leading figure of the Montreal Muslim community from 1958 until 1967.

“When a member of the Moslem community is a victim of terrorism, there is no coverage,” he complained. “But you (the media) choose to print news that portrays Moslems as terrorists.”

At the time, this Gazette reader also contacted the Muslim Community of Quebec on Chester Avenue in Montreal (also Canada Revenue Agency) to express his indignation. Agreeing with the Gazette reader, MCQ president Mohammed Amin claimed that the lack of coverage was part of a pattern of “biased reporting of the media in general and of The Gazette in particular.”

Clair Balfour, the Gazette’s ombudsman, rejected the claim of “anti-Muslim bias” (the term Islamophobia had not yet been invented by the Muslim Brotherhood). He concluded that the lack of coverage was understandable given the fact that Faruqi was not an international newsmaker. No major press agencies on which The Gazette relied for its information had alluded to Faruqi’s activities in Montreal, added the ombudsman.

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