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20 Replies to “Muslims have nearly retaken Spain.”

  1. The problem here in Spain is that people in general are utterly ignorant, and they just do not care what happens around them. And mainstream media simply does not tell a word about these facts exposed by CBN. The tv channels are filled with probably the most stupid programs to be found in the world, people has been idiotized to the extreme and one who does not take the trouble of searching for the proper source of information just thinks that everything is OK. It’s just amazing that even on the streets one sometimes feels that there’s really no crisis. Here where I live there’s almost more shops of elegant dresses for weddings and cocktails that of normal casual wear. These people are just living in a dream. The level of denial is simply outrageous. One sees clearly that the battle to regain control of Europe will begin somewhere in north Europa. Spain will be overwhelmed by muslims, and it will be free of them again once the rest of Europe has already been reconquered. There’s no point on relying on the actual indigenous spanish population. And the few ones like that of the video are truly rare exceptions. Their fight is like that of Don Quijote against the mills.

  2. perchancetodream: hard to tell… it depends not only on Spain, but also on many other factors (EU crisis, world geopolitics, etc…). Things are very entangled, as we all now. But if it were to depend only and ONLY on Spain, then one would not have to wait for long. The saudis have sponsored the building of a mosque in Gibraltar, so that the first thing one sees when coming to Spain from Africa or through the Channel… is a mosque.

  3. Danko, is it really that bad?

    I thought, based on modern spanish history, the civilwar and so on, that spanish people had far more of a fighting spirit than their northern coeuropeans, who either as here in Scandinavia have not been to war for a long, long time or a so paralyzed by the memory of WWII that they are incapable of getting their heads out of the sand.

  4. Pope urban II: the situation is serious. Multiculturalism did not need to make much effort in brainwashing the population, no matter which country we are talking about. I was absent from Spain for a few years, and when I came back, the change was just shocking. For instance I was told that there are at least two dozens of family tipes accepted by law: man with man, woman with woman, man with man plus kid, woman with woman plus kid, man alone with kid, woman alone with kid, and god konws what else. One may divorce instantly through internet for 300 euros. the dinky (Double Income No KIds) way of life rules, or at least ruled before the crisis. But there are still a lot of them. The single way of life also rules. There’s an epidemy of wife-killing. The family as the basic pillar of society is irreparably damaged. I spoke to some people about the mushrooming mosques, but they simply don’t care… “yes, there are a lot of them, but what can we do? that’s it! Anyway we must be tolerant.” The socialist government of Zapatero had a destructive effect on society and economy as a whole.
    One can find some fighting spirit, but few people have it. When Morocco tried to invade the small island called “parsley” (perejil) in 2002 which is located in the strait of Gibraltar between Spain andd Morocco, the spanish army reacted quickly, but the population was laughing on the issue: “a tiny scrap of land with a few sheeps and stumps of grass! who cares about it?”. They did not understand that Morocco was probing Spain. If Spain gives us that rock in the middle of the sea, perhaps we can reclaim more land, f.ex. Ceuta, Melilla. And perhaps we could go further. Why not? after all they gave us a piece of land for free. This is a precedent. Let’s demand more!

    This is the spirit of the population, which on top of that now is completely mixed with arabs and africans. I meet them every day in the streets. The last day there was “culturally enriched” news on TV about a school with students from a dozen of countries, from Pakistan, China, Colombia etc. They formed a music band to understand each other better through music…

    A nightmare.

  5. Danko: That mosque is huge! What in the name of Christ were those who gave the building-permission thinking??? Yes, yes I know; diversity, diversity, diversity, ad idiotic suicidal infinitum…

    Im very sad to hear about the demoralized people of Spain, I hope and pray things will change for the better. Because one thing remains clear, the muslims will be absolutely pitiless if they come to power, and at current trends they will, sooner or later.

  6. I always thought the rock of Gibraltar is analogous too Mount Rushmore for the US?

    I could just imagine a Mosque at the base of Mount Rushmore and i bet they are thinking how to go about doing it.

  7. “When the first Muslim party presents itself, all the Muslims will vote for it, and we’ll all end up wearing headscarfs. We’re in a really big problem”. Yep. Time is running out.

  8. Indeed. Today, there was a coup in the Maldives. The president stepped down who was a liberal. Now, it is left to the Muslims who demand a sharia state and an end to all the niceties of a civilized state.

  9. @Danko. Don’t have too much hope for northern Europe. Here in Sweden the situation is really, really bad and it’s gonna get much worse. Our rape epidemics and the city of Malmö is pretty infamous by now. It’s not about if the arselifters are going to take over but when. Just like in your country, the general population is ignorant and stupid. They have been dumbed down for decades by bad education and stupid tv-programmes. They don’t care what happens to their own country. It’s more important to be politically correct. They might loose their jobs, families if they aren’t. So Sweden becomes more pislamized every day. It’s also very bad in Norway, some places in Denmark and in UK but you probably already knew about that. Plenty of no go-zones both here and there.

  10. Robin Shadowes: Yes, I know the problems with Sweden – Mona Sahlin, the AFA, and those other monsters… But at least Scandinavia has a FJORDMAN and quality websites like politiskinkorrekt… That’s at least a small flame of hope in the pitch-black darkness…
    Spain has no Fjordman, and I do not know about translations from his great works to spanish. And the websites are also weak. Here there’s no gatesofvienna or pi-news. If at least spaniards were more fond of learning english. But they are not. The level of foreign language learning is very low 🙁

  11. Just like Danko has already said, in Spain, most of the people is ignorant, and don’t care about what happens to their countries.

    PP and PSOE, the most voted parties in Spain, are both pro-inmigration, but, stupid Spanish people, vote them, instaed of vote Plataforma per Catalunya, of Josep Anglada, for example.

    Also, there is a lot of manipulation made by the mass media. “Politicly incorrect” parties, such as PxC, doesn’t appear en TV, radio or newspaper. The mass media show inmigrations like the best thing for Spain, too.

    At this moment, around of the 80% of infractions are made by inmigrants, and this is not showed in TV.

    Sincerly, a Spanish male living in a town with a 40% of inmigrant population.

  12. On Christmas I was at home in the Vasque Country. I went to the library to use the internet. Next to me I saw a muslim (un moro) that was watching a clearly pro jihad video, next to me, in the public library. In his country he may not have a library. I was apalled, however, I realized that I could not tell the librarian because he would have refused to help me, let alone the vasque police!!!!!! moros in Spain can steal, rape and the stablishment and the local population protects them. I live in London where muslims have lot of power, but this situation could have never happened in a library. I wanted to cry. Spain has always been retarded country.

  13. Luispihormiguero, Maria: thanks for corroborating my arguments / gracias por corroborar mis argumentos.

    Maria: Eskerri kasko 🙂

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