Massive soccer riots and the hijra

It occurs to me that immediately after a major crisis involving lots of death, people tend to be willing to allow governments totalitarian powers if it seems like a reasonable response to said crisis at the time.

Given that hard-core Islamists are accelerating the hijra, a concept that means two things the spread of Islam to non-Islamic lands and increased degrees of Islam and Islamic purity within an area already within Islamic control, one has to wonder if Ikhwan, the Islamic brotherhood, may have actually caused this awful tragedy in order to create the environment of acceptance if they decide to end, or begin to end, Western sporting events in Egypt overall.

Just a thought. We should know soon if it is the case.

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3 Replies to “Massive soccer riots and the hijra”

  1. It would be entirely consistent with what I know of Islamic fighting techniques for them to cause unrest so that they can come along and save the day with lots of Islam. I’ts one of the things they do. And if anybody tries to call them on it, they can say, “Where’s your tinfoil hat?”. Islam is highly conspiratorial and underhanded like that.

  2. Whoops-a-daisy. Another little violent ‘mishap’ has occurred in Egypt. It’s only because they’re frustrated because they still haven’t got enough ‘democracy’ and enough ‘freedom from tyranny’.
    Never mind the Muslim Brotherhood will make everything nice and peaceful. They’ll put everything right and when everyone’s abiding by Sharia law and all the women are bound in hijabs and enslaved like cattle, then and only then will everyone be completely free….. free to go to mosque, free to pray five times a day and free to persecute those pesky Christian Copts.
    Then there will be no more soccer riots because the Muslim Brotherhood won’t need to cause any!
    Finally the beautiful ‘Religion of Peace’ will be in control, and when it is, the Muslim Brotherhood (to the delight of the left) will work on bringing their solution to all known problems to us here in the West.
    First the Middle East – next Europe and North America!

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