The Netherlands: Muslim Party calls for dog ban

Predictably, as muslim numbers increase, the demands to transform into a muslim state with sharia sensibilities also increase. muslims are also not above misrepresenting the reasons for their demands as we see here.

by Alexander Baker

THE HAGUE – The in-house a dog should be banned because it is pure animal cruelty. That Councillor Hague, the Kucuk Hasan of Islam Democrats.

“Dogs belong in nature, but not in a house,” said Küçük. Dog House, according to him, therefore, should be punishable in the capital. “A dog in a flat is animal cruelty.”

Küçük Muslim city councilor Den Haag

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19 Replies to “The Netherlands: Muslim Party calls for dog ban”

  1. Of course they resent dog because mongeral dogs are much more intelligent than muzzies!

    Inbred dogs have all sorts of health problems same as muzzies who have been inbreeding for 1400 years since “Ali-baba” got his balls rolling!

  2. Another reason why they don’t like dogs and pigs is that these animals don’t allow to be penetrated by man. Muzz cannot put up with that because there is no submission and they cannot charge them a dhimmi tax.

  3. I was walking my dog in a park once and there were these two muslims coming the opposite direction. The woman was in niqab and the man was bearded with a long robe and head beenie. They left the side walk and walked way out of my way so they wouldn’t touch my dog. BEST REASON EVER to have a dog.

  4. Sahih Bukhari, 4:54:539-Narrated by Abu Talha : The Prophet said,”Angels do not enter a house which has either a dog or a picture in it.”
    Sahih Bukhari, 4:54:540-Narrated by ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar : Allah’s Apostle ordered that the dogs should be killed. Sahih Muslim, Book 10, Hadith #3813, according to this Hadith, Muhammad said that a black dog is a devil.
    This is the reason that those idiots don’t like dogs, I think that Muhammad was bitten by a dog when he was just a little psycho.

  5. A timeless quote by Duh_Swami:

    “Most animals protect their young…which means that most animals are smarter than some people. A recent study I read about suggests that animals know the difference between right and wrong, and justice and injustice. I already had found that to be true in the case of dogs….Dogs have a better grasp of ‘right and wrong’, than do Mahoundians…The reason…Dogs don’t read the Quran…”

  6. I read another interesting theory. Since dogs has enhanced senses we humans don’t have, they probably could sense that mahound was demonically possessed. So that if the maniac hadn’t banned dogs, he could have encountered the risk of exposion in the long run. People would have started to wonder why dogs always barked and growled at him, not just a few but all dogs.

  7. Is it true that dogs can sense an evil person. It could be that animals could sense just how evil Mo was and they always barked at him when they saw him. Their sense of smell is so great that, and I am now speculating, but perhaps they could sense his evil emotions. So like the pycho he was he started killing dogs. He banned them from Mecca. Being a racist he started hating the black dogs the most. I have not got a dog but I do have a calender full of the most lovely dogs. I would not have a calender full of hunky mullahs if you paid me. Hey maybe some one out their in Islamoland should send me hunky mullah to photograph for my new mullahs and their dogs and calender! It should be hit with the infidels against the jihad crowd.

  8. I have news for you. First it is the dogs. They are going after them because they think they are easy targets. Better get a dog if you don’t already have one. Get two. Dogs like company during the day.

  9. Dogs don’t always sense the bad guys, I had a great-great uncle who would steal anything that wasn’t nailed down, there wasn’t a dog in the country that didn’t love him.

    However I get your point, Mo hated dogs and not all Moslems hate them, get a lot of dogs, preferably black and keep the Moslems at bay.

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