Town-Hall follows up on the Iranian woman murdered in Texas

Remember the expat Iranian woman’s-rights activist murdered recently in Houston? Fortunately Town-hall followed the story. I have been trying to find updates on it but like so many things where Islam is behind a crime, it can get buried unless enough spotlights shine on it like the Shafia murders in Ontario.

Here is a part of the article, the whole thing linked here:

The murder of 30-year-old medical student Gelareh Bagherzadeh near her Houston home last week was surely meant to convey a message. This was no case of mistaken identity or random violence; what must be known about this remarkable young woman is that while she feared for her life she still spoke at every opportunity for freedom and women’s rights in Iran. Indeed, for Islamists there was reason to make an example of her and to send a message that – even in America – those who summon the courage to speak boldly against Islamism will be silenced.

It now is up to Americans to accept responsibility for making our own inspiring example of the courageous Gelareh Bagherzadeh. We have the power to profile this young woman of conviction as the leader that she was. But we have to know what her life meant and we have to honor the risks she took to stand for the freedoms we say we hold dear. If her killers intended that she would be silenced, it is now our duty to make sure she will not be, even in death.

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2 Replies to “Town-Hall follows up on the Iranian woman murdered in Texas”

  1. I guess the iranian regime is trying to strike fear into the hearts of Iranian apostates or any Iranian who doesn’t agree with them. “We can get you wherever you are”, seems to be the message.

    They ‘re also smarting from the failure of their most recent assassination attempt in the states. Maybe this is to save face?

    Whatever the reason it is a despicable act by a disgusting regime.

  2. The Iranians have been doing this since the late 70s, this is the first time I have seen it make the news that it was a political assassination. Thing like this are going to continue ass long as the Islamist s have control of any Mideastern country.

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