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2 Replies to “January 20 2012. Muslims make threats and demands in Norway.”

  1. That’s how they thank the Norwegian Labour-Party-led government for the free housing, fat welfare checks, free health care and free schooling (though, in this case, since it’s kafir schooling, they don’t see any reason to send their kids there anyway, unless the other benefits depend on their school attendance.) That’s how they thank Jonas Gahr Store for his support of Hamas, al-Shabab, the Taliban, Hezbollah and the bedouin savages coming to power through that so-called Arab “Spring.” That’s how they thank the Norwegian inJustice minister for blaming Israel for the rapes that those of their ilk commit.

    And all of this makes me wonder if those idiots bending over backwards to appease mahoundians living in Norway really like the results of their surrender policies, or if it’s just their adherence to the dogma of islamophilia that keeps telling them that they’ve got to keep charging ahead with their strategy of national suicide no matter what.

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