Dutch pass burka ban law


The government has just approved a ban on face-covering clothing. After France and Belgium, the Netherlands is the third European country where a burqa ban in force.

People on the street a burqa, a balaclava or a full helmet, can soon look forward to a fine.
Liesbeth Spies Minister (Home Affairs) said Friday after the cabinet the burqa ban “of incredibly important.” She said it’s very important that people find each other in an open society open approach.

In France came into force in April. That risk women a fine of 150 euros. Men who commit their wives to wear a veil, can be punished by a fine of 30,000 euros and two years imprisonment.

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4 Replies to “Dutch pass burka ban law”

  1. Magnificent!!! But, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Mark Stein said long ago… this is no solution to the muslim problems in Europe. This measures, apart from being of relative importance, come too late. It’s not the Burqa which should be banned, but those wearing it from coming to Europe, together with their husbands and legions of children…

  2. the fact is that without large scale forced repatriation alot of these people are to stay.therefore any form of legislation to curb their activities is a bonus.along with this european govts should prohibit all muslim immigration.arranged marriage.polygamy ban enforced.funding by other states in the education and setting up of religious places of worship,faith schools,sharia courts ,along with the jewish version(just to be fair).halal meat within the public sphere.i.e.schools hospitals,councils etc.labelling of such products.this is to be done not so muslims cannot have the freedom to worship,this is enshrined in law.this should be done to safeguard democratic western cultures and so that those that have joined the european community can be intergrated and eventually become part of a cultural heritage that has not been ruined by lets face it medevil backward thought…………however this will not happen and the longer it doesnt the closer we come to civil war.as macchiavelli says ‘for in anticipating troubles while they are still hidden it is easy to apply a remedy,but if one waitss for the appearance of the symptoms ,the medicine is too late,as the illness by then has become incurable”.

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