Dubious Privileges for Islam in Hamburg

Gates of Vienna:

The city of Hamburg is the first federal administrative unit in Germany to make a treaty with its Muslim community.

The analogue for the action is the relationship between the German government and the state church. However, as the commenters on the article below point out, the arrangement between the government and German churches was never intended to be, nor should it be, a model for dealing with an alien political ideology that is hostile to the German government, culture, and people.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this piece from Citizen Times:

Muslim Organizations Press for Recognition

January 26, 2012 by the Citizen Times Team

Hamburg to be first federal state [Land] to make an agreement with Islamic organizations

Centrum Mosque on Böckmanstrasse in St. Georg, HamburgAs reported at the Wedel-Schulauer Tageblatt blog, Hamburg is about to be the first federal state to conclude an agreement with three Muslim umbrella organizations: Shura (Council of Islamic Communities), DITIB (Turkish-Islamic Community) and the Organization of Islamic Culture Centers (VKZ). Questions such as mosque construction, religious funerals, Islamic religious instruction and the administration of day care centers will be regulated. The goal is to have the agreement in effect before summer break, said Hamburg spokesman Jörg Schmoll.

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4 Replies to “Dubious Privileges for Islam in Hamburg”

  1. @Richard
    This doesn’t bode well for peace in Germany.

    Do you seriously think that the dhimified,brainwashed,bastards that are making there millions by importing this scum really give a shit?

  2. I didn’t say they do, in the long run the survival of Western Europe and the cultures of the Western nations will depend on the ordinary people, not on the leftist politicians who are inviting the invasion of the Moslems and making fortunes condemning everyone who is opposing them. Base rule of thumb, if the left condemns something or someone take a second look at the condemned odds are the left is lying and those things and people they are supporting are helping protect civilization and make the nations prosperous.

  3. I was not trying to debase your original comment Rich mate,we are both on the same wave length.Just trying to highlight the fact how much the fifth column,treacherous,bastards of this world are cashing in on the multimillion ,multicuture £ bandwagon.

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