Canine-o-phobia is a horrible thing. Can even be fatal.

I think it’s time the RSPCA and Royal Kennel Society of England started a Canine-o-phobia awareness campaign. It could even save lives.

Man, 24, who was scared of dogs drowned after diving through hedge and into lake as he fled from bull terrier

By Rebecca Seales

Last updated at 2:59 PM on 27th January 2012

    • Accidental death: Mohammed Faisal (pictured) drowned after running away from a dog and falling into a lake in Peterborough

Accidental death: Mohammed Faisal (pictured) drowned after running away from a dog and falling into a lake in Peterborough

A man with a fear of dogs drowned after he fled in terror from a Staffordshire Bull Terrier – straight into a lake.

Mohammed Faisal, 24, died after he jumped head-first into a bush which stood next to the lake, a former brick pit, Peterborough Coroner’s Court heard yesterday.

The inquest heard that the dog’s owner Ritchie Frost did his best to assist Mr Faisal, who could not swim, but that he died after the lake plunge on September 28, 2011.

Mr Faisal, from Millfield, Peterborough, had been walking home when he was scared by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Locki, which was being walked by Mr Frost and his children.

He died close to the nearby Ikea Distribution Centre, where he had worked as a call centre operator for about six weeks, at around 5.30pm.

In a police statement read out to the inquest Mr Frost, from the Fletton area of Peterborough, said he had taken the dog off its lead and was alerted to Mr Faisal’s presence after hearing a ‘scream’ from around a bend in the path.

Mr Frost said he saw Mr Faisal dive head-first into a bush towards the lake.

The dog tried to ‘trot’ after Mr Faisal, but obeyed when Mr Frost called it back.

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12 Replies to “Canine-o-phobia is a horrible thing. Can even be fatal.”

  1. well randy you must have alot of hatred inside you. Just because I am against the spread of islam and want to protect my childrens future does not mean I have to take pleasure in this man’s death.I could take some satisfaction in certain individuals death for certain reasons but not this lad’s death. And dont say one less means one less to trouble the future.I want peace ,and to live in my culture and democracy.All peaceful means should be used first to obtain this.If trouble comes then I’m prepared for that but it doesnt mean I would take pleasure in another mans fear and death.

  2. What a very sad and needless way to die. I’ve met people from China who are also very afraid of dogs and even cats because their parents taught them to fear dogs and cats.

    If you are ever charged by a dog, especially a pit bull, and can’t immediately reach a gate or clear a fence you must freeze and put your arms over your chest and neck. Most dogs will stop and simply bark and growl at you. Start slowly edging away remembering to make occasional eye contact with the animal. Never, ever run from a dog because that arouses their prey/chase instinct. I’ve been forced to do this several times by pit pulls, labs and aussie shepherds. Sad, the dog in this article sounds like a real sweetie. I’m glad the victims family was understanding.

  3. I was so sad to hear of this poor man’s death. There are now techniques for overcoming all sorts of phobias quickly and easily. Do see a well qualified hypnotherapist in your area if you are suffering from a phobia and look forward to freedom from fear.

  4. I’ve known people who had a cat phobia but never actually heard of anyone having a dog phobia. In the full article a woman who was walking behind Mohammed said the dog was just ambling along and had a ball in his mouth the whole time, not really paying attention to anything in particular. It is also fortunate the dog’s owner knew Mohammed’s family in a friendly way and Mohammed’s family was satisfied with the official report. I’m not doubting phobias, I just cannot imagine being deathly afraid of all dogs. I wonder if his twin brother had that phobia or knew what incident in the past had triggered his brother’s awareness of his phobia.

  5. Religion induced Phobia is what this is.
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers are black dogs which Mohammad said are the devil in animal form

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