Chickens come home to roost at the BBC

The hippies like to abuse the word ‘Karma’ to mean what goes around comes around. Add a liberal dose of irony and you get…

Once again, we see that the freedom to discriminate for your own interests is the most critical freedom of all. Let’s say for a moment that there were not tons of Muslim-rape-Gangs who have been convicted for pimping large numbers of British girls, some official estimates in the 10s and even hundreds of thousands. Let’s say that the rape stats of Islamic men on indigenous British women were not grotesquely out of proportion, and that, despite the best efforts of the British government to hide uncomfortable, politically incorrect facts from her own people. Even if there was no basis that we can understand for this woman’s choice, she should still get to make it.

Because the freedom to choose for oneself is the only freedom that really matters, and with that, the critical role of government to supply necessary information so people can make informed choices for themselves.

Governments of course have been deliberately falsifying, not keeping, or not releasing records that do not support the narrative of communism and false-equalities. Someday I hope they are properly taken to task for that.

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  1. This will create a new swath of dhimmis. All young British non Muslim girls have a good shot at being soiled by Islam these days. They better get used to it. A price for social cohesion over all. And a perpetual nose rubbing to conservatives as satisfaction for the British left.

  2. I am not defending the BBC but this news is from November 2008.Lets at least try and be current.Dragging old stories out like this as if it is new does not help.Do better please.Cases like this have no doubt added to public awareness however but the punch is not as strong when reported in this way.

  3. Sorry, I got this as new. Where did you get the date on it please? And you are quite right, it was my error though, not misrepresentation.

  4. So she got sacked but moslems can hate all Infidels while “praying” for our demise 5x a day? They don’t even consider us human for crying out loud & they’re calling US racist? Please, focus on what they believe & preach about us lowly Infidels and turn the tables on this PC MC BS.

  5. Now let me get this straight (old news, new news totally irrelevant), she lost her job for being a racist! What happened to simple discrimination. You do realize that as consumers, we discriminate on a daily basis. We choose where we shop and what we buy, we choose some music over other music, car brands over another and yes, we even choose where and who cut our hair. Choosing who will drive you in a taxi is not racist, it is simply discriminating on what you will tolerate while paying for being driven somewhere. You can ask for a non smoker for example. Frankly, some drivers are truly frightening in their appearance, some smell, etc, and calling someone who doesn’t want to use these drivers is not being a racist. That is just silly.

  6. The only people who can’t discriminate are the whites, we are the majority in Europe and North America but are ruled by the minorities because the left has control of the media and the governments.

  7. Liberals will eventually face the shit they put on normal people. No sympathy for her or her family. This is the only way these libs will see their actions as destructive- when they are caught up in it themselves. It is only a matter of time and the uk will be a muslim state because of dimmies like her. Sad for what was a free democratic country.

  8. No question that the BBC is the most important vector in the destruction of Western civilization in England. Hard to have sympathy for it’s employees.

  9. This is certainly is old story. I remember reading about it years ago. I wonder what happened to the lady in question. It is easy to be a racist in the UK still but it takes money. There are plenty of thing like Fox Hunting where only whites are involved. Working in the BBC is the wrong place for a racist. She should get a job as stable manager for one of the hunts. There is nothing wrong in being a racist but it is a rich man or woman’s game if one wants to do it properly without getting into trouble. For the rest of the population they are all mixed up and must rub against each other. No exclusive communities, balls, schools or fox hunts for them.

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