Muslims slaughter pregnant cow in Hindu temple compound

From People of Shambhala.
A tense atmosphere has prevailed in Perumbavoor, a satellite town of Kochi city and a municipality in the Indian state of Kerala, after a group of Muslims slaughtered a pregnant cow inside the compound of the Sree Dharma Sastha late Tuesday afternoon. The perpetrators slit the cow’s throat.

Cows are considered sacred in Hinduism, and killing them is prohibited. The killing of the pregnant cow inside the temple compound was a deliberate act of sacrilege designed to provoke local Hindus.

A member of the Sree Dharma Sastha temple committee is reported to have said, “If they wanted the cow for meat they could have simply stolen it. That they committed the heinous act right in front of the temple has only one explanation – their intention was… read more.

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  1. They say you teach people how to treat you, on this idea the muslims have taught people that if you come from a different religion you can disrespect them, so in light of this all mosques can now be turned into pig slaughterhouses. The respect can go both ways muslims. Muslims will now have no right to complain seeing as they do exactly this.

    • you really are an infidel pagan, you Hindu, may god may your religious temples slaughter houses for your stupid gods I’ve eaten alot of cows and slit their throats myself, you are cow worshipers.

  2. This was intentionally provacative. A most heineous act commited by muslims. With all the dirty deeds done by muslims over the centuries, what I do not understand is why the rest of the world (non-muslim) has not reached the point of enough is enough concerning muslim anti-social behavior and put an end to this evil cult wherever it exists. I believe it will come to that some day but the longer we wait, the bloodier and harder it will be.

    • Some Muslims may have committed this task it doesn’t mean all Muslims are, bad, and to the person that said all mosques most be made pig slaughter houses, i think you should respect yourself , and may god teach you a lesson on what you said, you are a religious discriminator, go and bring justice to the Muslims who did this sacrilegious act in your temple,don’t criticize all Muslims,and to randy may god curse you, you devil worshiper, and take your disgusting life as a dirt on this world you are.

  3. Muslims are the most aasadhu and paapaka “humans” on the whole surface of the earth. It’s beyond stupidity that still so many view them as a religion of peace. Tolerance towards them is wish to self-annihilation.

  4. If you have to hit muslims, hit them in Saudia Arabia, that is where the rot infests, being a hindu suicide bomber in Saudia Arabia will be the biggest sacrifice a Hindu can do for his country.

    • you are terrorists, you are showing that Hinduism is a religion of violence, how dare you support these intolerant acts of religious discrimination against Islam.

  5. let wait and watch. Be vegitarian and be happy. Help those who are helping you.
    Tree & cows are our mother. Let us save the Tree and the cows.

    Thank you.

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