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Palestine: Muslim Persecution of Christians


  1. Has anyone noticed how completely different arab christians are from arab muslisms in patterns of speach and general demeanor? It is like they are from completely different countries. It makes me think that supporting missionary programs will do more good for future world peace than any other type of outreach or financial aid package.

  2. Truthiocity the differences are caused by the Christians being the original inhabitants of the “Moslem” nations, they have managed to hang on to some of the original culture and are usually no Arab at all, although the Arabs want all of them think they are Arabs. So in many ways they are from different nations and cultures, every nation in the Middle East use to have its own ethnic group and its own culture. The world became a poorer place when the Moslems conquered the Middle East and destroyed so many cultures.

    If we had political leaders who were smart the Christians that have fled from the Moslem nations are a resource that could and should be exploited, recruiting them to become intelligence agents or analysts would give the west a much needed open window into the Moslem nations. The Israelis used the middle eastern Jews that way and it gave the Mossad a reputation for being infallible, unfortunately the Israelis no longer have access to large numbers of native speakers who are willing to return to their native nations and work for Israel. We in the west have an opportunity to rjpeat this success but our political leaders ill probably not take advantage of this resource until after the shooting starts. Once again failing to see a way to avoid a major war.

  3. Richard. There was a book published in 2003 by just such an arab as you describe. She was a jew in Iraq and fled after her father was arrested by Hussein. She made her way to America and by pure chance got a job translating. The company turned out to be an analysis company. She began to look into things on her own and was one of the first to alert the FBI about illegal hamas fundraising activity. She then put on a burka and infiltrated muslm gatherings attended by terrorist groups.

    She was the first (or one of the first) to alert the FBI about illegal hamas fund raising. (They dragged their feet for years over in a way that can only be described as criminally negligent).

    This is the book on Amazon:


  4. I hope a lot more do the same, and that we get people in the government that will take advantage of the asset these immigrants are, they are native speakers who know the cultures and who have an incentive to work hard to keep us free.

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