UK judge feels that women should have no actual responsibility for their actions.

If one were to extrapolate this reasoning then all of us could become vigilantes of the harshest kind. Of course, we know full well what would happen if our annoyances at day-to-day realities were to motivate us to take action against random strangers being nice to us in a fully-appropriate location. That is, if we were male, doubly so if white and again, if a Western-nation indigenous person such as a secular or Judeo-Christian person.

“How do you write women so well?”

“Easy. I think of a man and remove all accountability and reason”

I guess this judge was a fan of Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets.

From The Daily Mail:


Judge refuses to jail woman plumber who glassed nightclubber who smiled at her ‘because she had been sexually harassed during training’

  • Attacker walks free after judge says harassment was to blame for her behaviour
  • Judge describes her harassment as ‘intolerable’ and says she is ‘impeccable character’
  • Victim was described as being in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’

By Kerry Mcqueeney

Last updated at 8:16 PM on 16th January 2012

Spared jail: Sheona Keith, 22, hurled her glass at a man she thought was 'eyeing her up'Spared jail: Sheona Keith, 22, hurled her glass at a man she thought was ‘eyeing her up’

A woman who glassed a male clubber that smiled at her – and then blamed the attack on the fact she was sexually harassed at work – was spared jail by a judge.

Sheona Keith threw her glass at a man in a nightclub who she thought was ‘eyeing her up’, in an unprovoked attack which resulted in him needing hospital treatment.

However, a judge refused to give her a custodial sentence after accepting that earlier sexual harassment she suffered at work was the reason behind her behaviour.

Instead, 22-year-old Keith – who admitted a charge of actual bodily harm against James Kirkham – was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £400 compensation by Judge Philip Wassall when she was sentenced at Exeter Crown Court.

Describing Keith’s case as ‘unique’, Judge Wassall said she had an ‘impeccable character’ and that the sexual harassment she had suffered was ‘intolerable’.

At one point he said that she threw the glass ‘without knowing’ it was in her hand and described the victim as being ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’.

Passing sentence, Judge Wassall told Keith: ‘You worked hard but your chosen line of work took you into a completely male-dominated environment and one where, I am afraid, you had to put up with sexist comments and harassment which there is no excuse for.

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4 Replies to “UK judge feels that women should have no actual responsibility for their actions.”

  1. This women is obviously in the wrong profession. As a plumber, she should be able to tell the difference between the man who is harassing her and a man in a bar.

    Maybe she needs glasses.

    Note, as a women, I fully approve of clobbering men who attack women, whether sexually or just plain mugging. However, I disapprove of using glass for the attack as it can splinter and damage innocent bystanders.

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