Man hurt in clash between EDL and youths in Whitechapel

So, youths is people of any age that are Muslim I take it? How much would the BBC bet me that many of the ‘youths’ are older than the EDL who they have no hesitation to name?


Police lined up in Whitechapel Road The fight was near the East London Mosque
  • A man was taken to hospital and 15 people were arrested after a fight involving English Defence League supporters and youths in east London.

Police were called to reports of an assault in Whitechapel Road on Saturday afternoon when EDL supporters travelled to the area after a gathering in Barking.

The fight led to a larger disturbance, at one point involving several hundred people, and bottles were thrown.

All those arrested have been released.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the incident began at about 17:00 GMT when there were calls about a “large fight” in the area, which is near to the East London Mosque.

An ambulance was called to assist the injured man and he was taken to hospital. His injuries were said to be not life-threatening.

The police spokesman said passers-by became involved in the disturbance and some bottles were thrown.

Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, said she visited the area after she became aware of police being called.

‘Increased presence’She said: “I was out visiting constituents when I saw the police cars.

“As far as I could see, the police were doing their job. There were a lot of young people around but the police are very adept at handling these situations.

“What I am saying to people is not to rise to the provocation.

“The police have reassured me that they will have an increased presence in the area.”

Police said the 15 people were arrested to prevent a breach of the peace.

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4 Replies to “Man hurt in clash between EDL and youths in Whitechapel”

  1. Youths? MSM codespeak for muslims, sort of like “Asian.” I guess thats what they consider honest journalism. Glad to hear the EDL person’s injuries are monor though.

  2. Do not rise to the provocation? Whose country is this anyway? It certainly is not the country of mooslime invaders! Seek them out I tell you. If the mooslimes beat one of yours, beat ten of them! If the mooslimes deface or burn your Christian Church, deface or burn ten of their mooskees. Britian for the Christian British! If you mooslimes do not want to become one of us~GET OUT, and go back to the seventh century you came from!!!!

  3. Oh dear !!

    The street behind the East London Mosque, where there is an entrance to it, is where grew up.

    Look up”Undercover mosque” on Google video. It is a documentary made about that mosque, the most radicalised in the whole of Europe by all accounts.

    In the street I mentioned above, is the East London Synagogue, one of the oldest in London. Its a small building, surrounded on three sides but this huge grotesque structure, which is constantly being vandalised by the Muslims hordes who hang around there. They want the land and will do anything necessary to get it.

  4. “What I am saying to people is not to rise to the provocation.”

    who is provoking who in this case?
    who threw the bottles?
    is it musrats reacting to what they would see as an invasion of “their” territory?
    integration at its best.

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