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7 Replies to “Egyptian Cleric Ali Abu Al-Hasan: In Several Decades, “Europe Will Become a Single Islamic State””

  1. “Which will know nothing but allah is mahound, though the latter claims to be the former’s messenger”…

    In other words, that scumbag in the Santa Claus hood actually believes that it would be good for Europe to go from civilization to the Stone-Age barbarism which is the norm in the overwhelming majority of countries where mahound and the black cube are worshipped.

    Don’t these fools ever stop and think about what they’re saying? I mean, what good there could be in hoping that Copenhagen could become more like Cairo? Or that Zurich could become more like Mecca? Or that Amsterdam could become more like Baghdad? That they never pause for a moment to make the connection between islam and the barrenness, the backwardness, the illiteracy, the poverty, the filth, the failures and the endless list of ills affecting their wonderful sharia “paradises” of Dar al-mahoundistan is a testament to the ability of the cult of the black cube to wreck human minds to such an extent, that even such obvious things become impossible for them to register or process.

  2. They also don’t stop and that if Europe and the US become Moslem the places where they get their medicine and food will be destroyed.

  3. Eurabia will be cut in stone within 5-10 years. As a european myself I hardly look forward to be a dhimmi-slave in a sharia-driven hellhole, a nation that once was sovereign, one that I just a few years earlier used to call my own. Going from that, being free to become a slave dominated and mastered by barbarians, by slimy retarded filthy arselifters, the sheer thought is unbearable.

  4. I think it will NOT happen because decent people will NOT accept any totalitarian ideology. Hopefully, more and more people will be more aware of the danger of creeping islamisation, and will be able to AVOID anything that is totalitarian or islamic.

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