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2 Replies to “U.N. Watch busts UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for saying that Gaza is “occupied territory””

  1. You don’t need to be a zionist fanatic to see that Ban Ki-moon is completely full of appycray.


    There are absolutely no Israeli soldiers in Gaza and Hamas is in complete control.

    How in hell is it possible to occupy anywhere with ZERO military personel?

    Ban Ki-moon is president of Bizzaro world and not the UN. It is becoming more and more apparent every year that it is the OIC which seems to have that post, whatever weak chinned apparachik gets periodically chosen to be a pointless figurehead.

    Hamas is the spawn of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is Egyptian. If anyone is occupying Gaza, it is Egypt.

    And now that MB members will be elected to office in Egyptian government, any argument against that is completely indefensible.

  2. The guys weazly excuse was that Gaza was labled as occupied because Israel controls the border crossing.


    Aside from my observation above, if you go by the guys excuse about who is controlling the borders, Egypt is occupying Gaza in the exact same way that Israel is.

    But where is it stated that Egypt is occupying Gaza? NOWHERE.

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