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4 Replies to “One of those little EU stores that slips under the radar”

  1. I beleive theyre doing it because Hungary is pulling rank and drafting their own constitution in leu of the EU’s. Who can blame them…

  2. From reading this and another article on Hungary, i think it goes like this.
    Hungary flat broke,not even a pot to piss in.
    Asks EU for bailout.
    EU says sure,our rules.
    Hungary originally balks.
    Now seems to be changing tune.
    Like Vlad said Totalitarian.

  3. I just read something by Human Rights Watch on FB about this.

    Appartently the president (and his party) are curbing the freedom of the press and enacting reforms that will turn the country into a one party state by diminishing the power of things that can provide checks and ballances.

    In EU speak the Hungarian citizens themselves seem to think it’s double plus not good because they still remember the communist occupation and do NOT want the (essentially) one party state that will be caused by these changes.

    That’s the argument via Human Rights Watch at least.

    Perhaps the innitiation of proceedings to strip Hungary of its EU rights is a threat to make Prime Minister Viktor Orban start behaving himself.

    The article says this was innitiated by the Liberals and Democrats (the article implies that it’s one group) rather than coming as a commandment from the EU presidency.

    That’s what I gleaned from the article linke to here and The Human Rights Watch article on FB.

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