Horrors of sexual abuse in conflict-stricken FATA

The horror of some things area beyond any title. I had to do some research before I posted this. Initially, it was just too ‘out there’ to be true. Thank you to ‘BB’ for hunting down links and sources, most of which were a sort of link-circle and substantiated nothing. This one, the Pakistan Tribune, is, as far as I know, a decent source. I would still like to see a U.N. link to this story and the other ones in the report on abuse of women in these parts of Afghanistan where the Taliban, and therefore one might reason, the most religious of Muslims are in control.

From The Pakistan Tribune.

” A security officer forced me to have sex in exchange for cooking oil and pulses,” 22-year-old Pashmeena.

PESHAWAR: Kashmala Bibi* says her cousin’s breasts were cut into pieces when five militants walked into their house and saw the woman breastfeeding her child. One of the insurgents then asked the other women around to eat the pieces.

This is one of the many tales of horror recorded in a report titled “Impact of crisis on women and girls in Fata”.

The report, released by human rights organisation “Khwendo Kor” (Sisters’ Home in Pashto) with financial support from UN-women, is based on case studies of women from the tribal belt living in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s IDP camps.

Women in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) are more susceptible to violence and abuse in a post-conflict scenario, whether or not they are part of the conflict, it says.

Another stark revelation made in the report is that women in camps were forced to have sexual intercourse in exchange for food and non-food items. Girls and widows were at greater risk.

The surveys from Nahqai and Jalozai camps further show that women were uncomfortable going to restrooms because there was little privacy as men constantly lurked around.

“A security officer forced me to have sex in exchange for cooking oil and pulses when I was collecting food at the main entrance of the camp,” a 22-year-old woman Nighat* from the Jalozai Camp is quoted as telling the discussion group.

The report claims that there was an increase in honour killings in which women were first raped and since the rape was considered a disgrace to the family, they were later murdered.

Forced marriages, honour killings, exchange of women between tribes and marriages with first cousins resulting in disabilities of offspring have made the women in the tribal areas increasingly dependent. The role of women in society has decreased from 39% to 19%.

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There is more at:

Jihad Watch:

BB has come through again. I was looking at this story for a while before posting it. It was very difficult to find sources I was familiar with, and an actual U.N. link was nowhere.

BB left the links for me this morning:


2. UN PDF:

Because all witnesses were promised anonymity verification is impossible. But at least the UN connection is verified.



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8 Replies to “Horrors of sexual abuse in conflict-stricken FATA”

  1. The draw for jihadis isn’t physical satisfaction of sexual lust.

    Rather the draw is the psychological satisfaction of the lust for satisfied sadism.

    Sadism as defined by contemorary psychology as the need to dominate others. Key to this satisfaction is for those being dominated to aknowledge that they are being dominated by the dominator. What sura central to Islam does that remind VT readers of?

    That is why muslims have a need to gang rape non muslims. They have a need for others to see them dominate. That gives them the real satisfaction they crave beyond the physical satisfaction that could be easily aquired thru normal sexual interactions in any number of normal or illegal ways. Yet with all of the legal or easily aquiered illegal ways to satisfy normal sexual needs, we still see them time and again engaging in illegal methods of sexual gratification. Obviously there is a need to engage in sexual behavior with someone who does not give consent. There is a need to make others engage in activity against their will.

    Social psychologists have learned that pscyhological attributes can be bred into a human population just as they can be bred into an animal population. In populations removed from the rest of the world it has been seen that psychological attributes which are deemed to be attracitve will over express in the population, making specific kinds of dysfunction more prevalent in such isolated populations.

    This is partially why different nationalities tend to have different mental disturbances more common than other nationalities. One population will have a higher incedence of depresson, another a higher incedence of alcoholism, and another a higher incidence of violent psychotic outbursts.

    In islam the most domineering males get all the women, by being able to have four wives, while the other, more normal men, get no chance to reproduce. The result is that with every generation the muslim men have more and more of a predisposition to need to be domineering, the need to dominate others. Or as civilized people know that pehnomena, sadism.

    So one can very easily deduce that the culture and matrimonial practices of Islam directly causes a prevalence of sadism among muslims. This sadism, the need to dominate others, can be seen in every single kind of interaction muslims have with non muslims and weaker muslims, particularly women. This is why they are sent so easily into rages over the presence of people they percieve to be weaker, like women and minorities.

    This theory, while admitedly highly impolitic, is not that crazy. Psychologists are already very aware that paranoid schizophrenia is uncommonly prevalent in those of arab extraction. Paranoid schizophrenia is only created in an individual via accident of birth and not any other way.

    Islam directly causes its adherent populations to become more and more sadistic with every generation. Thats why arabs are so nuts why indonesia and malaysia can be cited as being examples of moderate Islam (though less and less each month). The natural selection process has had less time to work in those countries because they are so physically removed from the source of Islam.

  2. *sigh* The comments at the link to the original are a depressing ‘more of the same’.

    Dec 15, 2011 – 10:33AM

    @Mehdi Hassan Zafari:
    This is not in contrast but these things are contrary to Islamic Laws, please study then speak, In Islam Woman are graded to a high respectable level. These people who are doing this no nothing about Islamic laws seems like. @Nadir, please read the news again an soldier also rapped a woman for food,not just the terrorists.

    Dec 15, 2011 – 10:58AM

    It is shameful act, and 100% believe these militant were American/Indian/Israeli not Pakistani…..
    This act is used against Pakistan, and shameful act of Pakistanis that, they believe on Jewish media news against Pakistan…..

  3. To ban polygamy we would have to modify or destroy Islam, I don’t thing any religion has been destroyed since the Romans destroyed the worship of Baal.

  4. Years ago….many years ago….in dealing with the issues that arise from islam, specifically its effect on the most defenseless amongst us, I realized that there was nothing they could do to shock me…no depravity too depraved, no perversion too perverse, no horror too horrific, no monstrosity too monstrous……how utterly naive I was, how utterly naive I am…how blind and ignorant to the depths to which muslims will sink to satisfy the black-hearted cancerous edicts of a 7th century madmen……..this madness, this butchery of women simply proves that to find muslims one cannot scrape the bottom of the barrel of humanity to find this walking, talking human excrement, nay…to find this one must lift up the barrel of humanity and look underneath…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada


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    I’ m (IDP) of Bara Khyber Agency, but days are passing here very difficulty.
    I’ m jobless and can’t continue my education due to terrorism. My future is dark.
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  6. To his Excellency, Don Laird:

    I humbly recommend that you not give any visas for Australian residency to anyone named Mohamed at this juncture.


    His holiness and grand Wazeer of the Admiralty of Kamchatka.

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