You go, girls: Egyptian women beat up “morality police”

From Peole of Shambhala.
Egypt’s self-appointed morality police was chased off by a group of women yesterday. Modelled after Saudi-Arabia’s morality police, and reportedly financed by the Nour Salafi Party, the “Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” was established in Egypt in December 2011 with the intention of imposing Islamic law (sharia) on Egypt’s women in particular.

According to Egyptian media, the vigilante group has been harassing shoppers and shop owners. Barbers were ordered not to cut men’s beards and shop owners were ordered not to sell “indecent” clothing, and threatened with punishment. The vigilantes also said they would… read more.

3 Replies to “You go, girls: Egyptian women beat up “morality police””

  1. Morality police already. You know what? This Arab Spring is going pretty much exactly the way I thought it would. It’s just going to keep going from bad to worse to even worse. Feisty women aren’t going to have much of a chance as this thing becomes more entrenched and they start cutting off women’s hands and feet for half-time entertainment at their soccer games.

  2. This innitial reacition is heartening but this is only the beginning. I hope women’s groups in Egypt organize against this evil before it gains in strength.

    They need to keep track of any puplic offical associated with this evil and do what they can to obliterate their political careers.

    Egyptian women activists should go out with extra shoes and friends with cameras. They can throw their shoes at these goose steppers while their friends film it. This will cause those associated with this evil to be publically shamed and cause association with such things to be a source of shame for those involved, thus inhibiting other pin heads from joining up.

    Egyptian women have to realize that the muslim broterhoods secret war upon them as equals in Egyptian society, is now an open war.

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