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11 Replies to “China demolishes mosque”

  1. During Cultural Revolution, nearly all Buddhist temples were burned down only Mosques left untouched. The noted Shaolin Temple was later rebuilt only for tourism.
    In Beiing, there is only one Catholic church, and is state-run. Mosque activities have always been monitored and Madressa classes are forbidden. Muslim insurrections were never tolerated ever since the Battle of Talas in Tan Dynasty (618-906)

  2. Syed!
    You are an hypocrite and not even a good liar.
    That’s the only place you can pray with and preach to your gang,
    in an underground parking?
    It shows the weakness of your ideology.
    You have no respect for God. You only respect the sound of your voice.
    If it was an illegal building then they saw it coming. If not, then try to imagine what the Christians, who get killed, persecuted, churches burned, force to convert or have to run away, in the muslim countries feel. Not a word from you then.
    Oh! I don’t think you can grab the concept of empathy and compassion.
    It is a big hole in your spiritual education.
    Many churches burned and many lives taken
    but when one mosque comes down then you seek attention.
    Go find confort with your younger slave.
    I think you are possess by jins.

  3. China is continuing its war on religion, what strikes me is the hypocrisy of the Moslem spokesmen in Canada, they stay quite about the Moslems destroying Churches and forbidding all other religions from Arabia.

  4. Notice all the costumes and such, these guys have integrated very well into Canadian culture, oh, and my how close they all get to each other, rows so tightly packed, ummmm delicious all those odors , heaven for the anus sniffers
    Where are the women?

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