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Diane Abbott faces calls to resign over ‘racist’ tweet that says ‘white people love to play divide and rule

Black MP Diane Abbott is facing calls to quit over a remark on Twitter that has been deemed racist against white people.

The shadow minister for public health said during a conversation about the sentencing of Stephen Lawrence’s murderers that ‘white people love to play “divide and rule”,’ adding ‘we should not play their game’.

The tweet came with a hashtag that spelt out ‘tactic as old as colonialism’.

Her comment was made to freelance journalist Bim Adewunmi, another Twitter user who had been commenting about the sentencing of Gary Dobson and David Norris for Stephen’s murder.

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  1. That’s rich coming from someone associated with a pack of thugs who gave themselves the name UAF for the sole purpose of creating division and isolating british patriots.

    Someone who’d join with them would know aaaaall about divide and conquer.

  2. I thought British Freedom were being a little cute trying to cause a furor over her innocuous west indian parenting comment but attempting to cause and exacerbate racial tensions for political purposes is actual demogogery.

    If she is going to behave like a 3rd world dictator then she has no place in the public life of a democracy. If this was America her career within her party would be over.

  3. Racism? Don’t be absurd, haven’t you heard, blacks can’t be racist only white’s can be racist.
    She should be given a huge pay rise and a company car.

    It’s ironic that after years of blacks, asians, etc using the race card against whites for political advantage, they are starting to get the same back. If you sow the wind …….

    Didn’t she send her kids to the local comprehensive in accordance with her strongly held political views?

  4. This is a symptom of what I have heard before. A lovely philipino lady I know started in conversation to go on about how white people in the past have been terrible.This was said in the context of white privilige within the colonies.
    It seems to me that a fair assesment of any cultures past behaviour should be taken in the context that we are all human.Therefore all being equally guilty of past demeanors.
    ‘divide and rule ‘ is not a white monopoly .The white race has been good at it tho.

  5. I’ve always believed Diane Abbott to be a leftist snake and this helps to further justify my opinion.
    She is a hypocrite of the highest order, championing the poor (whilst being rich herself), speaking out against racism (but being racist herself) and always calling for debate (but unable to debate herself, as she never listens to anyone unless they are already in agreement with her).
    She is typical of the British labour party and typical of the type of devious cowardice that has become so dominant in the UK today and has brought the once-great nation down on its knees.
    She should resign immediately!

  6. This is digesting imagine if this was said about and other race

    This women is Racist she should be sacked and charged

  7. She should be sacked, charged with a race hate crime, and forced to send her kids to Cambridge University.
    Haven’t had so much fun since Denis Healey had his wife’s hip done at a private hospital.

  8. She is from the UK. Isn’t Tommy Robinson from the UK also? Well, yes he is.
    But wait, he is white and she is black.
    He’s a racist. She’s not.

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