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There are too many horrors to post all separately today. At some point one has to attend to the minor inconveniences of a corporeal existence. So here are a few related links in one post.

Jihad Watch: Even after death the punishment of the ‘honor’ killed continues.

Muslim beats Englishman to death, has to cook pancakes for the homeless for a weekend. Ok slight exaggeration but just slight. Hard to make out what actually happened in this article but one thing is for sure. A very very light sentence for a Muslim who fatally beat a British man who appears to have been ethnically cleansed from his neighborhood by Muslims if I at all am reading that right.

Death to women in Pakistan continues to rise dramatically due to honor killings.

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  1. The Jack Carter incident is very interesting. It seems to say that if you suffer racial abuse and then proceed to kick the shit out of someone until he dies ,then you get a sentence of 21 months in jail.This will be halfed for good behaviour no doubt. It would be interesting to see the full case as it seems his girlfreind was the one shouting racial abuse not him. Plus were there any other witnesses apart from the asian community. Lets see how cases like Emma West come out and compare. I think things are coming to ahead over all the race issues.
    The men who killed Stephen Lawrence are dispicable individuals but if you watch te media, especially the BBC it has been flooded with interviews of black people,and I dont mean just on Stephen Lawrence case. Loius Saurez’s incident meant 4 locals were interviewed in Liverpool.1 was White and scouse,the others were black and had accents from I dont know where but it wasnt even britain. A The Great british quiz for 2011 had a school on doing little plays for the comedians.95% of the children were ethnic showing a true composition of britains socail structure.
    It seems that when a racial incident occurs the media floods our screens with black people in any context or stuation it can.People are beginning to be more and more aware of this and it is pissing them off. Just look at the likes and dislike at the comments on The Diane Abbot case over at the daily mail.You will see that on every comment the like or dislike is comparative to the comment made. i.e if it against her it is liked.If it trys to support her it is disliked………….Just saying

  2. By the way, type Jack carter into google and it is only this local paper that is reporting it. We wouldnt want to cause a fuss would we?

  3. Plus before the sentence was passed the individual who killed Jack Carter was allowed Bail. Emma West who shouted abuse on a tube wasnt given bail.A man who admits manslaughter was. Just saying…………………………..

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