Post-9/11 and the problem of abstraction

From European Son
Architect company MVRDV provoked shock and outrage in early december when its plan for the building of two skyscrapers in Seoul, South Korea, came to public attention.

The two buildings strongly resembled New York’s Twin Towers, destroyed by al-Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001 — a day that is burned into the national psyche of the USA, and the psyches of individuals all around the world. Incredibly, the fashionable architecture firm designed a kind of exploding center, called the Cloud, that would join the two towers.

Things come into view soft focus. It takes a split second before we see the uniqueness of anything — a face in the crowd, for example. The architectural design does look like a photo of the Twin Towers exploding, at least until you look at it close up, or from above (which most of us won’t be doing).

No surprise that MVRDV quickly issued an apology, saying… read more.

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