A note to readers.

First of all, I want to thank you all for reading this site for the past year. It is an unexpected surprise to me to see how many click over to Vlad T to see what is posted. Initially, I suppose about 4 or 5 years ago now, I started this to support the excellent work of three of my favorite sites, Gates of Vienna, The Religion of peace, and Klein Verzet, an English site out of Holland.

Since then I have had the opportunity to work at various levels with all these people and even film Geert Wilders at a speech and interview Robert Spencer a few times while he was in Australia.

I feel very lucky to have seen my path forged this way. It is largely also thanks to all of you who read here. Your encouragement, comments and many of you have also made donations to the site, much appreciated especially now that I have to run a VPS at the host company which is quite expensive compared to the nominal cost of a basic website that thousands of Muslims and leftists do not try to taken down.

The past couple of days posting has been a bit light. For a couple of reasons I have been needing a break of sorts. One might argue that intensity is inverse to duration and as I tend to work fairly intensely now and again one needs to idle down a touch for a bit.

But there are events that are important and need to be mentioned nonetheless.

The shutting down of Bare Naked Islam by WordPress. While I have been getting emails about this since it happened I wanted to investigate it before I said anything about it. Well I haven’t but Ill say something anyway.

As I understand it, WordPress suspended and possibly cancelled the site because of comments left there. These comments were threats that may have also carried the acid test of a threat, ‘immediacy’.  In other words, if someone in a fit of rage says something about what they would like to see done to a person or group, well this may be allowable under some circumstances as it is part of the ordinary parlance of human speech. But if you say “I will do X to group Y tomorrow afternoon” then you have indeed, under US law at least, committed a crime.

It seems that WordPress is holding BNI responsible for the comments people leave on their site. Comments that one might assume are from people outraged at the actual events that Muslims do in the name of Islam around the world. However it seems also likely that these comments are planted by groups interested in eliminating voices of opposition to Islamic conquest, or of that is too harsh, voices which are critical of things sacred to Muslims. Much of the gossip around this issue seems to indicate CAIR. There may be a history there I don’t know yet. But it’s still very important to point out that BNI, a brother in arms one might say, has been silenced by wordpress will countless Muslim sites that demand the overthrow of Western democratic governments and so on remain active.

Here is an article from Israel Matzav which has more details on BNI

And now, I had better go hunting for comments left as bread crumbs for censors. If these comments were from genuine outraged readers, then I hope you will understand why I am deleting them. If they are from CAIR well what can I say except I hope you enjoy my next and most creative Koran-burning video yet.

To all of my readers, thank you again for all your support in every manner and we, the many contributors at Vladtepesblog wish you all the warmest and healthiest and most successful year so far in 2012

Yours in the pursuit of liberty

Eeyore for Vlad

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

10 Replies to “A note to readers.”

  1. And a happy and successful New New year to you too.

    I always look at your site and whilst not always enjoying the news I am at least kept informed – you also post some excellent funny videos that I circulate to my friends and relatives.

    I knew about the situation with BNI (it being shut down that is) this is another site I frequently look at alongside GOV, Kitman, EDL, Jihad Watch and others. It is a tragedy they shut it down but I have no doubt it will rise again. However sometimes the comments were a bit ripe, to say the least and the content was VERY graphic. Not that I minded at all.

    You cannot keep a good anti-Jihadist down !!

    Carry on the good work.

    All the best.


  2. Hell yeah, they rly shut down Bare Naked Islam. Not the first one, though -.- That sucks… and it means, Bare Naked has done s.th. right. Happy new year and long live Vlad’s blog.

  3. I call shenannagans!

    I just went to the Israel Matzav link and read the offending comment. CAIR added a word in brackets to the sentance in order to make it look like it was targeted at a specific group of people. That means the original sentance was not directly targeting anyone at all and was merely a general expression of anger.

    It’s like saying “I am so happy I could jump for joy” and then someone saying I said “I am so happy I could jump for joy [into the arms of a prostitute]”, then trying to get me arrested for solicitation.

    There may be other comments that show imminant intent to violence but the comment that Cair used to best illustrate it’s case doesn’t cut the mustard without their added fabrication.

    Furthermore if you have read many comments by cyber jihadis you will eventually see that they cannot seem to shake a certain, I dunno, flavor, of writing no matter how hard they try and no matter what phoney avatar or screename they try to hide behind. It is a simple sentance and I have never ever seen a North American write it before even in jest. On the other hand we have all seen pro jihad commenters write very similarly countless times.

    I admit it’s just intuition but you cannot deny that jihad supporters are always using the phrase “blood on your hands” when counter attacking those opposed to islamic supremicism. It’s just far too convenient that that phrase just happened to be the offending comment.

    I call shenanagans!

  4. Arab speakers cannot seem to master, ‘it, it’s, the, its,’ and many more of the common conjunctives. That’s how I usually can tell. Also very bad with tenses. I think Arabic doesn’t use any.

  5. Unlike in Europe, the US has the First amendment which offers a very wide protection and is not something to be messed with. This onslaught on freedom of speech & expression should be challenged without half measures and to the bitter end. Why did they not just remove the offending comment, as it could have been posted or planted by just about anyone anywhere? Everyone know that the likes of CAIR and their ilk have some serious issues with the freedom of speech everywhere they go. Obviously; WordPress has been threatened with legal action. So rather than challenge the claim they shut down the blog. A cheap way out for the moment!

    Long live freedom of speech
    Happy New year to everyone

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