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6 Replies to “Three video clips on the attack by Boko Haram in Nigeria.”

  1. Well, as usual FOX had more debth and even pronounced the muslim terrorist name close to correctly, Boko Haram.
    None of the reports mentioned how long this has been happening, years, and the total death toll, thousands. Most all, policemen and Christians killed by muslims.
    I was in Nigeria last year when two of the worst attacks happened, over 500 killed each time. It was so bad the BBC thought and reported that a coup was occuring. Most victims were hacked to death with machetes. All were Christians. The problem is complicated further by a corrupt government and tribal strife that goes back centuries.

  2. I am getting sick and tired of these Muslim scum.

    They have in common stupidity, inhumanity not just to the Kuffar but to each other. They are clodhoppingly ignorant, vicious and cruel.

    The west needs to WAKE UP and stop coddling these creeps before we more advanced anti-Jihadists take the law into our own hands.

    If they practice discriminating violence against us then I see no problem in returning the favour.

  3. Oh for the good old days when news like this would have brought indignation and anger around the world, days when Christians weren’t afraid to help and protect other Christians.

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